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hand-knitted-child’s-sweater Buy a sweater for a child or knit it yourself

Advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a sweater for a child in store and knitting it yourself. Comparison of buying vs knitting baby clothes by self.

diapers-wipes-baby-bottle-toy Things to buy for a baby from 0 to 3 months

List of essential things to buy for babies from 0 to 3 month old. Childbirth preparation tips.

healthy-pregnancy-tips Pregnancy preparation tips

What to know and how to prepare for childbirth. Healthy pregnancy preparation tips.

child-pushing-stroller Drawbacks of staying home and raising your child alone

Main disadvantages of staying with children at home instead of returning back to work and hire a babysitter to take care about babies.

teaching-child-how-to-write Who should stay home with a child a husband or wife?

How to decide who should stay home with children and who has to go and earn money for a family? Tips how to divide parenting responsibilities.

children-on-playground Risks of letting others to care for your kids

What are potential risks of letting a babysitter to take care about your children? Is it better to stay home and raise kids by self or hire a nanny and return back to work?

boy-playing-in-the-park Stay home with a child or return to work

Is it better to stay home and spend time taking care about a child or return to work and earn money? How to raise children?

children-on-playground Activities for 18 month old child

How make 18 month old child’s life interesting and exciting. Main activities for kids.

toys-and-books-for-kids Smart ways to decrease child-raising expenses

Ways to save on raising a child. How to decrease child raising expenses without eliminating your baby’s essential needs?

child-on-a-swing Disadvantages of hiring a babysitter

Disadvantages of hiring a babysitter. Cons of having a nanny to help with raising children. Is it better to take care about child alone or use caregiver service?

Advantages of hiring a babysitter

Advantages of hiring a babysitter. Pros of having nanny to take care about your children. Is it better to raise a child alone or use a service of experienced caregiver.

Is it hard to be a parent?

Is it hard to be a parent? Pros and cons of parenthood. What to expect while planning to have child?


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