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Buy a sweater for a child or knit it yourself


Pros of purchasing a sweater for a child in the store

Save time

You do not need to spend hours to knit a sweater yourself. Even if you would knit the $80 worth sweater for a child, but you would probably spend 2 days knitting it. If you will value your hard work per hour, the number might be frustrating.

No sedentary life style

People who knit have to sit for hours to finish a project. A person who must sit the whole day during work week may not be willing to keep sitting weekends as well to complete the knitting project.

See result

When a person is buying, she will have peace in mind that it is good and suits her even though it might takes time to find a good fit for baby. There won’t be worries that the hard work turns out as waste of time, if the sweater will be too tight or loose.


If you buy the sweater at the end of a season, the chances are you will get it for really good price.

Advantages of knitting the sweater and cons of buying it

One of a kind

Usually machine knitted sweaters look standard. When you knit it you made it unique with no other one the same. Combining specific pattern and yarn color it is easy to make nice looking comfortable sweated for your child as no one have.


The cost of a sweater might cost you as little as just few dollars or $0, if the yarn will be reused from other older projects.


All people want to look their best regardless of their income. Your creativity will help you improve appearance and style. Knitting might unfold your new talents and abilities that you never knew about. In addition, it’s just fun and exciting activity. It is always so pleasant to know that you can do something good and valuable. That might boost your mood and spirit.

Easy to fix

People change body shapes especially younger children. The sweater that was just perfect for your son this season might not be good the very next one because the sleeves will be short. However, you can fix it assuming some of the yarn was saved and top-down techniques were used. So, instead of buying new clothes, you can do makeover for the old one.


When you are stressed out, knitting might calm you down and distract you from thinking about every day’s problems.

Keep yourself busy

Sometimes when you are bored or have free time, it is better to knit sitting in front of a TV set than eat watching a TV show. Many people have to keep themselves busy in order not to think about food.

Perfect gift

If you knit a sweater for other person, it would mean and value much more for the individual.

Shopping and cost

Not everybody likes to go shopping. For those people this might be unpleasant and frustrating because many usually cannot afford to buy what they really like and do not want to waste hard earned money on garbage.