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Why form 1040NR might be complicated

Possible complications and solutions for filing form 1040NR. Nonresidents status for tax purpose.

Form 1040 vs 1040NR

Difference between filing forms 1040 and 1040NR. Calculating taxes tips.

What happen if I do not file my taxes?

Consequences of not filing your taxes by the due date. What happen if I do not file my taxes?

How to correct mistakes on your tax return?

Who is accountable for mistakes on a tax return? How to fix the mistake on your already filed tax return? How to avoid mistakes on your tax return?

Do I need to file taxes?

When most taxpayers have to file tax returns? When married filing separately (MFS) should file tax returns? When self-employed individuals need to file taxes?

Which filing status to choose for tax purpose

How to choose filing status for tax purpose. Single, married filing jointly (MFJ), married filing separately (MFS), head of household (HOH), qualifying widower statuses.

How to calculate taxes for free or cheap

How to do my taxes for free or get discounts for tax preparation service.

Which documents I need to bring to do my taxes?

How to prepare for calculating tax return - list of documents to bring

Calculate taxes in one place or change tax service companies periodically

Should I calculate my taxes in one place or change tax preparation firms periodically? Go to same or new tax service company every year to do my taxes?

How much does it cost to do my taxes?

What are typical charges for calculating your taxes? How much should I expect to pay to do my taxes?

1040 NR - advantage to file 1040 NR

What are the benefits of filing 1040NR. U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return.

How to become a tax preparer

Becoming tax preparer – advantages and disadvantages of tax preparation courses. Obtaining PTIN.


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