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Personal Finance

$50 reward card $50 with new Hyundai test drive

Free $50 Amazon Card, Visa Prepaid Card, Target Gift Cars. Free Money for Hyundai test drive.

$50 reward card $50 Visa Prepaid Card with test drive of a new Nissan

Free money for test driving cars. $50 Nissan cash offer for new vehicles test drive.

rewards-credit-cards Credit cards reviews

Cash back, great rewards, 0% introductory rate, low interest rate, best balance transfer, no annual fee personal and business credit cards reviews.

interior-lighting How to decrease energy utilization while reducing gas and electric bills

Simple ways to pay less for electricity and gas. How to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills?

earnings-statement-with-10-dollars-bill What you can afford working on minimum wage in United States?

What you should expect from minimum wage job. What are essentials expenses to take into account while considering low salary position?

credit-cards-with-rewards Advantages of having a credit card

Advantages of buying products and paying for services with credit card. Pros of using credit card instead of making purchases with cash.

credit-card-penalty-fees Disadvantages of using a credit card

What are the cons and potential risks of using a credit card? It is better to use cash or make purchases with borrowed money?

credit-card-bill-with-coins How to live on a low budget

Ways to decrease your daily expenses and survive if the earnings are very low. Tips how to live on a limited budget.

paycheck-with-cash How much do you need to earn to make your living?

What is good salary for making a decent living? How much do you have to earn to live well and able to save for future expenses?

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