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Liability disclaimer

Information provided by our Website “as is” with no warranty, no promises of completeness or specific recommendation are given in any categories. Discussing a health, law of finance as well as trying to perform any do it yourself projects be advised it is your decision whether to consider the information posted on the Website. We are trying to provide accurate information as well as closely monitor every single post, but be aware if any omissions, mistakes, or misprints happened we are not taking any responsibilities for that. It is sole responsibilities of user to test any product and advice with professional about particular situation before making any decision. Be aware you are using a Website at you own risk and disclaims no liability for anything what might happen to you or property associated with information posted on the website. In addition, will not be liable for any indirect loses or damages arising out of the use of the Website.

Even though we are trying to monitor the content closely, we cannot guaranty that all information will be appropriate for children of all ages. It is fully responsibility of parents or children’s guardians to make a decision whether to allow, restrict or prohibit you child to use the Website.

Forum rules

We strive to create a better community and if you are joining our forum please be nice to everyone.

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The forum is for discussions only. Do not place any affiliate links or phone numbers.

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Changes terms and conditions reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions without any notification to its users. Every time visiting the website you can revise the changes and decide whether to use a website or not.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy of our visitors is extremely important to us and we see it as an important component of trust between you and In our user’s files we collect information with your IP address, ISP, time and pages you are visited, browser you are using as well as your location now is available to us monitoring in real time view using Google Analytics. We ensure not to share this information with anyone, except which might be require by International and United States Federal or State laws and regulations.