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Activities for 18 month old child


The same as time passes quickly, our children grow fast. That’s why parents should give to their offspring as much as they can. Do not disregard or ignore your kid when they are little. Even if you are busy, try not to leave kids constantly for nannies and babysitters. There is no minute to lose because you cannot turn time back and start something over again. Be and enjoy your child as much as you can.

When your children get older they won’t need as much of your attention as they require when little. Educate your child in everything you do.


When you walk in a park with your child, it is not only good for getting physical activities and fresh air, but for learning new trees, bushes, flowers, and some animals. Many parks have playgrounds where you can swing, slide, and play with other kids.


Library is good place for education and entertainment. You can find many books the child might be interesting in and paying nothing you can even take books home for couple weeks. Parents even can order books from other libraries in case your close one has limited resources. In addition, you can visit with your child there story times where a teacher will read books, sing songs, play games, and make kids move.


Museums are very interesting places to visit with whole family.


When you try to teach your child about animals, it is better one time to show them than many times to tell. In addition, you can ride a train or take a tour which might make your zoo time even more interesting and exciting.

Swimming pool

Swimming pools are good not just for fun but for health as well. Your child will grow robust, learn how to swim, and even might grow a little bit taller for those who are concern about children’s height.


Reading is one of essential parts of education. Make your child read at least a little bit every day.


Drawing and painting is an important part of learning process. In addition, it is fun thing to draw and express your thoughts and feelings through pictures. Sometimes you might learn more about your child by looking at his work than from speaking to him/her.


Depending on whether parents have a girl or a boy, they can choose different children games to play with their little ones. It is important to mix entrainment time with learning process the way that your child might not even notice it. Speak constantly with your kid show your good example when doing some things. Children copy people who are with them. If you show them your strength and hard work, they most likely will follow your footsteps.

Play dates

Arrange meetings with other kids. It is healthy for a child to communicate not only with adults but with their age group also. You may invite other parent with a kid to your house or meet somewhere on a play ground.


Spend at least half an hour on serious learning of how to read, write, and do the math. Be a personal tutor for your child or hire someone to do it for you. It is never too early start learning new stuff.


Sometimes it is necessary to change environment to start more appreciate your home when you come back from ocean vacation, hiking, or camping.