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Stay home with a child or return to work


Seems like a simple decision whether to be a stay home parent or go to work after the baby’s arrival might not be that easy. Usually women face this issue more often than men due to cultural thinking and female nature. Many males share same opinion that it is child-bearers’ responsibility to watch for their children. However, nowadays fathers also sometimes opt for taking care about their little ones, if circumstances will require like wife’s earnings are higher or mothers’ temperaments.

Some husbands even do not want to trust newborns to spouses because of belief their offspring might not be mothered well under poor supervision. This is commonly not because some women are bad mothers, but just not all females want to be babysitters of their own children. They become too overwhelmed of constant whining, crying, and demanding attention.

When it is true that some parents just do not have to have kids, but in case a spouse sees that a baby might get bad example or influence from the other one, then it might be a good reason to reduce their interaction as much as possible. This might be one of many reasons why a mother must return to work right after her labor.

Other circumstance which might force both spouses going to work is money. No matter what, but bills must be paid timely. If one parent has very low income and cannot support the family, then it might be not just preferably but essentially necessary to get back to work for husband and wife finding alternatives ways to take care about the child during work hours.

Common reasons why parents might opt to become homemakers:

Your spouse’s income

Usually no one will care about your child better than you do. If your spouse’s wages can offset monthly expenditures then why not to stay with your newborn home and create all the conditions for his proper development, growth, and health. On the other hand, some creative people find ways to earn money even from home while still keeping an eye on their little ones.

A babysitter

Sometimes it is easy to find a nanny while in some instances that might not be that simple. It is hard to trust your baby to an unfamiliar person. Of course, any babysitter in your presents will act at her best behavior, but it is scary what might happen when parents won’t be around. In addition, many families just cannot afford to have a caregiver.


Some women just want to be stay at home moms. They think it is easier to organize and plan family time, vacations, and other activities. Many people share such opinion and often family relationships and bound between children and parents are much better if mother will devote more time to raising a son or daughter instead of spending a day after day at work.

Baby’s health conditions

Unfortunately not all people are lucky to give birth to healthy kids. Sometimes parents have not good genes or other health issues that might increase chances of having birth defects in newborns. In such instances parents just do not have any other choice as to give up a job and stay home or in hospital with the child.