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Drawbacks of staying home and raising your child alone


The old question whether to stay home with your kids or go to work is still common. Many families face this issue once they decided to have a baby. Nowadays grandparents do not help with children as much as they use to. This creates all the conditions for delaying returning to work or becoming a homemaker because it is hard to trust a new born to an unfamiliar person. On the other hand, not all babysitters are bad.

There is no right or wrong answer whether it is better to stay home or return to work and only your particular situation will determine what will be the best option for you and family’s interest. However, everyone should be aware of some potential risks of staying home with children and not going out to work which are as follows:


Usually stay home moms are isolated from the whole world especially in the first few months of baby’s life. In addition, it is hard physically and emotionally to deal with a newborn no matter whether you are experienced or first time mother. Fatigue, sadness, guilt, and desperateness might overwhelm you, making a mother even sometimes dangerous for her own child.

Too much of routine might also make your feel blue. It is boring to be like a robot and do same things a day after day. Some women even complain that they become even slow or dumb of not going to work.


Lack of sleep and being around your active baby might be exhausting even for few hours for any person. However, it is especially hard when your shift is 24/7 one month after another. Many mothers think it is easier to go to work and relax from their children and home chores there than try to save on babysitting services and exhaust themselves entirely.

No career

Mostly stay home moms do not have time for career. Even online jobs might not be an option because of too many distractions in a house. When your kids will grow, it would be hard if not impossible to find any type of job. It is difficult to get a job when you are still young, but with some years this process might be even more stressful and frustrating.

Hard to make ends meet

It is hard to leave on one salary especially if your spouse’s wage is really low.


Usually working mothers care more about their appearance and appeal than those who stay home. Homemakers commonly can allow themselves to be in their pajamas all day long unless they go out while working women cannot allow themselves to be lazy and never forget about makeup, hairdo, and nice clothes to wear.

Weight gain

Many moms accumulate more pounds while staying at home than if they were going to work every day. One side of the problem that your children if not eating than snacking, making you feel hungry more often, but usually kids do not intake everything what was put on their plates. They might not know value of money and reasons for economization. Commonly mothers finish children’s food in order to reduce waste for the price of gaining more fat on their bodies.

Problems with a spouse

No one appreciate the work they do not see. When a wife stays home with children and a husband works, he might think that his spouse is doing nothing. Your hard work won’t be noticeable because right after you organize everything, your kids might make a mess again within few seconds. That’s why arguments might arise between husband and wife.