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Who should stay home with a child a husband or wife?


Nowadays when society acceptances and behavior changes many questions arise which were not common before like who should take care about a baby. Mothers were responsible for child raising processes back then and no one ever question that or think any other way. Now when individuals have more freedom of choices, ways of thinking and points of views it becomes tougher to find needed answers. Therefore, the decision about who will stay with a child should be analyzed carefully by taking into consideration many factors.


Salary consideration is important for those families which had two incomes before a baby arrival. It would not be a question who should stay with a child if only one spouse would work. However, many other people’s decision will be influenced by the fact whose salary is higher. For example, if a wife earns about $50,000 a year and her husband makes just $30,000, then it would not be wise to give up mother’s wages.


Nowadays more and more fathers become homemakers. It is not an unusual phenomenon any more. A male parent can stay home and watch for the kids while wife at work. Some men choose even to become a nanny for wealthy families and society accepted that as well. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter who will bring income in a family as long as it would be sufficient to cover all monthly expenses.


In old days people raised their children differently. They separate boys and girls responsibilities or chores and expectations from them. Parents initially prepare female children to become homemakers when they grow up and male kids teach to earn money. However, it is no longer the case. Way of thinking is now changed and everybody treat all kids equally the same. There is no specific work for males and females.


Some people belief that women are able to care better for their kids than men. However, it is all about knowledge and experience. Girls are not born with those skills as anybody else. They will learn everything by a trial and error method as men would when the need will arise. Therefore, sex of a parent usually won’t play a big role in the decision making process when it comes to spouses’ abilities.

When caring about a child is not an easy, but it is not that complicated either and can easily become a routine process for any individual. In addition, when your child will grow, he/she will start doing more things on his/her own.

Care and safety

Fathers love their children as much as mothers do. It is not about gender but personality. Any reasonable person will give good care to any child no matter whether this baby his/her own or not.


Many people just want to be homemakers regardless of genders. They feel more comfortable and secure at home than among other people. Those individuals would not mind routine work or activities and do not want any other way.


Not all child bearers want to be mothers. Therefore, fathers or partners should not push a woman to do something she hates doing. Some people are just not good with children and cannot stand to be in their company for a long time.
Therefore, the bottom line of the decision making process is to decide who you are and what it best in your particular situation. For example, ask yourself what brings you more satisfaction or what you expect from your life. Remember that when you are satisfied and positive, your kids will be happy as well.