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Gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Gestational diabetes during pregnancy. What is gestational diabetes and what to expect while expecting a baby.

How to control gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Controlling gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

sleepy-child What to do if your newborn child refuses to eat

Normally newborns have very good appetite.

Plugged ducts while breastfeeding a child

Plugging in breast can develop in nursing mothers especially who has a big milk supply. It can happen because mother didn’t empty her breast for a long time.

newborn-baby What to expect after the labor

In a few hours after the labor you will be located to another room where you will spend from one to several nights depending on your health condition.

healthy-food What to eat while breastfeeding a child

What food to consume while breastfeeding a baby.

What to expect from prenatal appointments

Your first visit will not probably be with your doctor or midwife, but more likely with a nurse. She will confirm your pregnancy result and estimated due date.

brestfeeding Breastfeeding pros and cons

Pros of breastfeeding

brining-baby-home After labor brining baby home

What you need to know

lose-weight-after-pregnancy How to lose weight after pregnancy

Losing weigh after pregnancy. How to get rid of pounds after childbirth.

how-to-breastfeed-a-child How to breastfeed a child

Tips how to breastfeed newborn child.


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