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Smart ways to decrease child-raising expenses


Nowadays more and more parents start to concern that they might not be able to afford to have their dreamed child. Raising children is pretty much expensive pleasure especially for the first time parents who are not experiences and do not know which things are necessary for their kids and which ones are just nice to have. Below are some suggestions how other parents raise children on a low budget, but still give to children everything they need.

Purchase only absolutely necessary things

It is extremely important to eliminate waste as much as possible. Usually people buy expensive clothes or things for their children because those parents want to give their kids everything what they did not have in childhood. Sometimes mothers try to replace their attention with buying constantly new toys. However, usually newborns cannot appreciate value of a present especially in the first several years of life. For them a bright, colorful, and cheap toy or candy might be more desirable and enjoyable than expensive and sort of plain one.

Shop at garage sales rather than buy everything new

Especially if you live in a suburb, there is relatively easy to find many baby things in good condition for really cheap prices. For example, you can purchase children’s clothes for 25 cents apiece or even cheaper if in a bundle compare to cost from the store where it would be necessary to pay several dollars for one item.

Ask your relatives and friends

Certain stuff is better to get from more reliable sources than garage sales. For safety purposes it is better not trying to save on such items like a baby crib, stroller or car seat. But getting all items in a good condition from your older siblings or cousins can be a great idea to decrease at least some of your child raising expenses.

Borrow books from library

New books are usually overpriced. You would spend way too much money on purchasing all unused books from the store and throw them into the garbage ones the child will move on with development. Local library is a great place where you can get a few books every week for free and return them after your son or daughter gets bored from same fairy tales every evening. If you are concern about bacteria, do not forget to wash hands to your child after using them.

Attend free baby activities rather than paid ones

Public libraries offer free story times for different age groups. If you live in a city, few libraries might be close to your house and it might be possible to attend those baby activities few times a week. Usually a librarian not only reads books to children, but they sign together, dance, and play games. After that kids might stay to color pictures or have fun with other children.

Buy huge packs of diapers

If you buy many pampers at once, the price per one item will be cheaper. Purchase diapers when there are sales or free gifts inside of a package even if you do not need them urgently.

Potty train early

Do not wait until your child turns 4, but teach him or her to go into the potty before two. The hardest part with toilet training is to show the kid what the potty is for. The training will be much easier when he/she understands why it is important to use it. Child can be fully potty trained from the time he/she starts to walk themselves and elimination of diapers expenses reflect savings on your monthly budget.