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Disadvantages of hiring a babysitter


Many parents are not happy with nannies for giving bad influence or examples to their little ones. Some people seems like have lack of logical thinking, making wrong choices and teaching kids to do the same. Among many advantages that a nanny can bring to your child, there are some potential cons of having a babysitter that you need to be aware of.

Might not be flexible

It is hard to find someone who would be available to work 24/7 especially on short notice, but some people just irresponsible and your nanny might start making you to adjust according to her time instead of making adjustments to your schedule. On one hand, the less you pay to the babysitter less flexibility should expect, but it might be annoying to deal with a person who causes you more trouble than any help.

Come late

A caregiver might create you frequent inconvenient situations. When a parent needs to go to work, it is not ok to be later no matter what. If the mother starts to be late for her job, she might lose a job.

Harm your children

Nannies usually are good and nice to children and act at their best behavior when parents around and when you are not home, they may show their real faces to children. If you see that your child does not like a babysitter then it should be a reason for that.

Make your kids sick

It is understandable that everyone needs a job. However, it is inappropriate to come to work sick especially to take care about a child. By showing up at work, she will do more harm than any good. By not coming to work, the care giver will cause troubles because you won’t be able to leave the house.

May let your child do everything

Some useless babysitters allow children do whatever they want just to make them keep quiet. Kids eat sweets, watch TV even not children’s channels, or play computer games hours on end.

Won’t match

One person has unalike attitudes toward different people. The person might be nice, kind, and loving to one individual and sort of unpleasant and even rude with the other one. Oftentimes babysitters do not match with parents or children not because they are bad people, but because they have not matching personalities. In any case, it is frustrating and disappointing to waste your time on interviewing people that eventually won’t suit your needs.

Might use or take your stuff

Mothers might start noticing that such small things like lipstick, perfumes, or shampoo begin to use up fast.

Ruin your marriage

Be aware that some young girls come to families with a purpose to seduce husbands. It is especially the case with families with already not stable relationship. Such newcomer in your life might get thing just worse.


When it might be pretty much expensive to come up with the babysitter’s regular per hour rate, but it might be even more challenging to pay her for overtimes.