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Is it hard to be a parent?


A newborn is a big joy for many people. It is so wonderful to experience parents’ measureless love to their babies. For most individuals their children are the most valuable thing that they ever had or created in their lives. Families blessed, fulfilled, and gifted to have kids. It is so incredibly enjoyable to feel bond between the child and you. Those ties will last no matter what forever. In addition, offspring bring new hope and opportunity to any family. But with all positive aspects future parents should clearly understand that there many things they have to sacrifice in the life in order to raise a child.

Advantages of having a child


It is no doubt and all agree that kids are our future. Good children often will help or finish everything that parents could not complete.


Kids bring us happiness, peace, and joy. Children keep families together.

Support and help

With years when parents will get older, their children will support and take care about them.

Sense of life

Many people do not see much of sense in life without a child. Those individuals often times do not know why they live. They feel that their houses are empty without any kids inside.

Disadvantages of having a child

Many young girls dream to have children someday when will grow up. Those young adults usually compare having a child to owning a baby doll that they used to have in childhood. However, to have a baby is totally not the same as to have fun with a toy. You cannot play with your newborn and then leave or give him/her to somebody. Parents are responsible 24/7 for the rest of their lives for their kids.

From the very young age people can see that their children have totally different personalities from them even though most of knowledge in early years comes from mother and father. It is unwise to expect from a child to be your clone and read your mind. Many times parents become too overwhelmed with their kids. That’s why in order not to make any regretful decisions, people should think carefully whether they can handle to have a child.

It is not just about parents; many times children are the first who suffer the most from bad parenting. On the other hand, usually when kids were not mothered or fathered good, it is not because their mom or dad are bad, but some people just should not have babies. Not all individuals can deal well with all challenges of raising children especially those who were from difficult families themselves.

Be aware of certain disadvantages when having a kid


There are many risks associated with raising your little ones. For example, when a wife gets pregnant, there is no guaranty that the baby will be born healthy physically and mentally. It is extremely hard to handle sick babies. Usually the older children get the more risks and worries they bring to parents. They might be abused by other adults or teenagers. Your kids may hurt somebody else’s child and so on. Therefore, do not have offspring if you feel like you won't be able to raise each of them right.


Once a person becomes a parent, he cannot step back. Parents are responsible for their offspring for the rest of their lives.


Having children is pretty much expensive pleasure for any family.


Young people should sacrifices their time, personal life, entertainments, friends, and even sometimes relationship for the sake of their kids. Fatigue is a big issue in child raising process also. Not telling about sick kids, but even healthy children sometimes cannot sleep through the night, making parents wake up as well.