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Pregnancy preparation tips


When parents expect to welcome their first baby in the family, usually they start preparation process from buying bunch of unnecessary stuff resulting in simple wasting of money and time for purchasing that. Of course, acquiring such absolutely necessary things like baby clothes, diapers, and a car seat is important, but first time mothers should rather concentrate on their own and baby’s health before anything else.

First of all, pregnant women should focus on following things:


Eat balanced and varied food in right portions with prenatal vitamins consumption as health care provider advises. If you choose to take necessary vitamins from eating more fruits and vegetable then it might be necessary still intake folic acid (vitamin B) to prevent birth defects and ensure baby’s proper development and growth.

Physical exercises

To give birth to a healthy child, you need to feel good and healthy during pregnancy. Physical activities will help a mother with blood circulation and strengthening muscles. The stronger a pregnant woman is the easier will be to bear the pregnancy.

Choose a doctor or midwife

Many mothers do not do thorough prior research before picking up their minds about a doctor or midwife. However, it is one of essential things to do not only for yourself, but for your child as well. It is especially the case with first time mothers whose lack of experience might cause more difficulties during the labor. Be aware that not all doctors can handle complicated pregnancies not telling about midwives. That’s why, change your physician as soon as possible if the need arise because on the late stages of pregnancy you might not be accepted by the other health care provider.

Prenatal education

Some first time mothers do not have time to attend those childbirth classes due to their constant lack of time. On one hand, it is understandable that prenatal appointments takes lots of hours to get, be, and come back from a hospital. On the other hand, during the labor most women regret that they disregarded advices of a doctor or midwife to complete those prenatal classes. When the labor day comes, unprepared women usually have more difficulties to deliver the baby. They are unorganized, do not know how to calm down, breathe, and push. This is not only bad for the mother but for a baby as well. That’s why it is strongly recommended not to neglect doctors’ advices and try to squeeze everything in your busy schedules. Fast reaction and organization are key factors in preparation to childbirth.


Mostly husbands stay with their wives in hospitals to support and help them in such difficult period in their lives. But it is not always a good idea to ask your spouse to be by your side during the labor because of many reasons such as personality or ability to help. In many cases it is better to request someone from your family to assist you like a mother or sister (if any). A mother-to-be needs a person who could help her to relax and not make even more nervous. On the other hand, some wives have just perfect partners who can care about them better than anybody else.

Stuff for a baby

Few months before the due date you need to buy some clothes and first absolutely necessary things for your child including a crib, beading, car seat, and stroller. You won’t know when you will be heading to the hospital. People are different and some women give birth as early as 36 weeks before expected due date. That’s why it is important to be prepared for any emergency.