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How to decrease energy utilization while reducing gas and electric bills

20 ways to cut energy expenses and lower electric and gas bills

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1. lluminate a house with natural lightTo maintain a light comfortable level in north facing dark rooms, you can place a mirror next to or across the real window to make the space brighter without turning on lights. Each house has its own the brightest room like south facing one, so try to use it the most instead of installing many light bulbs in darker one. In the cool periods of the year, it might be a good idea to allow larger amount of light to enter the room by open entirely all curtains, drapes, or skylights (if any).

Usually in different seasons of the year gas and electricity bills go up and down differently. For instance, homeowners face larger gas expenses in winter when they warm their houses unlike electrical ones which are higher during summer time when those homes need to be cooled off. That’s why it is not only necessary but wise to plan ahead and create all the conditions for saving on monthly energy expenses.