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$50 Visa Prepaid Card with test drive of a new Nissan

$50 reward card

While shopping for new vehicle you can get rewarded with free money. Some car manufacturers offer prepaid cards, shopping or gift cards with a test drive of their latest models. It is a great way to make extra cash not spending a dime out of pocket plus you might find a perfect auto for you and your family.

Nissan Rogue


All participants who are planning to take advantage of this offer must be 18 or older with valid US driver license and provide valid email address. Actual card could be shipped to US address only.

Get the reward code

Nissan Test Drive Offer pop up on the dealer’s website. Accepting the offer customer has to select the card from three choices – Amazon Gift Card, Visa Prepaid Card or Best Buy Rewards – they are all worth $50. Second step in to provide Name, e-mail address, ZIP code and a phone number. This free cash offer is redeemable one per household per 6 month with no purchase necessary.
After submitting the form you will receive e-mail from the Nissan dealer with a reward code which has to be printed or saved on the phone and brought to the dealership at the time of a test drive.

$50 coupon

Behind the wheel experience

At Nissan dealership customer can choose any model and trim level vehicle from in-stock inventory and try how well the car is on the road. Most dealers are happy to show new cars and go over latest features. But it’s also true some sales personnel might be skeptical about your purchasing intend especially after providing coupon for a $50 prepaid card.


Receive $50

After providing coupon to the dealership and completing test drive expect to receive $50 prepaid card within a week. If you opt for a physical card there is $3 fee and you actually will receive $47 of free money.