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Best used 7-passenger SUVs of 2013

List of top 10 used seven passenger SUVs. Compare fuel economy, cargo capacity and prices of 7-passenger SUVs worth to buy in 2013.

Top 10 fuel efficient cars of 2013

Most fuel efficient vehicles of 2013 Fuel economy and prices comparison of electric and hybrid cars.

Top 12 seven passenger minivans under $5,000 worth to buy in 2013

A list of 12 best minivans under $5,000. Fuel economy, cargo capacity, and prices of cheap 7-passenger vehicles worth to buy.

Top 25 five passenger cars under $3,000 worth to buy in 2013

A list of 25 best cars under $3,000. Compare fuel economy, mileage and prices of cheap 5-passenger vehicles worth to buy.

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