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Top 10 fuel efficient cars of 2013

List of 10 fuel efficient electric and hybrid vehicles

Nissan LeafCar Type:Hatchback 4DSeating: 5Drive Type: FWDTop Speed: 90 mphFuel Economy:129 City / 102 HwyDrive Range: 75 miles (120 km)MSRP from: $28,800

Save on car or save on gas?

Driving electric or hybrid vehicle might save you an extra buck on gas, but the cost of such cars still higher compare to those which powered by traditional internal combustion engines. If you drive very little, the savings on gas might never cover extra what you pay for an electric or hybrid car. Electric vehicles still have some limitations. With 60 to 120 miles electric drive range, it might be hard or even impossible to find a charging station if you are planning to drive a long distance far away from major cities. Another thing, an electric battery replacement could be an extremely costly repair. But for city drivers, who make over 20,000 miles per year, and the car battery will function normally for over 130,000 miles, the economical hybrid or electric vehicle might be a way to go.