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How to knit a ribbed hat

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How to knit a ribbed hat

Yarn - Red Heart/ medium 4 /Net Weight - 198 g/ 364 yds (333 m)
Needles - Circular US 8 and double pointed US 3 (3.25 mm)
Complexity - Easy
Video tutorial includes following steps:
Step 1
Cast on 72 stitches.
Step 2
All rows - knit 2, purl 2 for 23 rounds or more.
Step 3
Begin to decrease the number of stitches
Knit 2 stitches together every 12 stitches for the first round, then every 11, 10, 9, 8, and so on.

Round by round decrease
1st round - [(k2, p2) x 2, k2, p2tog] to end
2nd round - [k2, p2tog, k2, p2, k2, p1] to end
3rd round - [k2, p1, k2, p2tog, k2, p1] to end
4th round - [(k2, p1) x 2, k1, k2tog] to end
5th round - [k2tog, (p1, k2) x 2] to end
6th round - [k1, p1, k2, p1, k2tog] to end
7th round - [k1, p1, k2, k2tog] to end
8th round - [k1, p1, k1, k2tog] to end
9th round - [k1, p1, k2tog] to end
10th round - [k1, k2tog] to end
11th round - k2tog to end
At the very end knit 3 stitches together and then knit 4 stitches together.
Step 4
Cut the yarn and secure it.