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Which car should I get for myself?

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Which car should I get for myself?

Looking to buy a car and having a hard time what to choose. My 10 years old Chevrolet Impala has too many miles. I am repairing it like every month. Brother said I should get rid of it cause 187,000 miles too much and it will not go better. I mean it is doesn’t make sense to repair it.
This the only car I bought and was pretty much satisfied, but time came to upgrade. So, what are you people driving? I’m not looking into expensive new car. My budget is $17,000 max and something similar I have – no SUV, truck or really small vehicle. I like newer Hyundai Sonata look. Also was thinking about Volkswagen CC, but seems like it is more expensive at least 2010 – 2011 model comparing to Camry or Sonata.

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You can find 2-3 years old

You can find 2-3 years old Toyota Camry for that money and Impala might be even cheaper. All will depend how many miles the car has. It is not 90s when everyone believed Toyota and Honda are good, and Hyundai and Kia are cheap junks. Hyundai Sonata is a decent vehicle and their upgrade in 2011 is a pretty nice looking car.
I drove Volkswagen CC Sport and it is really sporty from design to acceleration. I think Volkswagen CC doesn’t come as base Camry LE. It is higher class vehicle similar to Acura TL, but I would say sportier.
In any case, from sedans I still would go with a Camry – just my personal experience.

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