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Knit a hooded pullover for a child

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Knit a hooded pullover for a child

Yarn - Red Heart/ medium 4 /Net Weight - 198 g/ 364 yds (333 m)/ you need two balls
Needles - Circular US 8
Size - 2 years
Complexity - Easy
Video tutorial includes following steps:
Cast on 108 stitches on circular knitting needles.
Step 2
Make a ribbing - knit 2, purl 2 for about 6 rounds.
Step 3
Knit all stitches for 25 rounds.
Step 4
Make space for a zipper by binding off two stitches. Stop knitting in the round. Knit all stitches on the right side and purl all stitches on the wrong side.
Step 5
After knitting 45 rows from the bottom ribbing, create a space for the sleeves by knitting only one front piece of 26 stitches at a time. So, you will knit 26 sts for each front part and 54 sts for the back one.
Step 6
After 65 rows from the bottom ribbing, cast off 10 stitches on both front pieces of the sweater to shape the neck line.
Step 7
After 72 rows from the bottom ribbing, cast off the remaining 16 stitches on both front pieces of the pullover (front shoulder pieces).
Step 8
Finish working the back. Do not work the neck line or decrease a number of stitches.
Knit all stitches on the right side.
Purl all stitches on the wrong side.
Cast off all 54 stitches leaving some yarn to connect one front and back shoulder pieces.
Step 9
Connect both front and back shoulder pieces together.
Secure the end of the yarn.
Step 10
Begin to knit sleeves.
Attach the yarn, pick about 33 stitches up, and knit all stitches for 50 rounds
Decrease the number of sts to 32 or any other number dividable by 4.
Make a ribbing - knit 2 and purl 2 for about 6 rounds.
Cast off all 32 stitches, cut the yarn and secure it.
Repeat the above for the other sleeve.
Step 11
Pick up stitches for the hood. Count how many stitches you have and if necessary increase the number to 68 sts.
Knit that for about 45 rows.
Step 12
Begin to level it to make the front of the hood a little bit higher than the back.
Cast off all the 68 stitches, cut the yarn and secure it.
Step 13
Finish the hood by connecting two halves of the last row together.
Step 14
Cast on about 7 stitches to make a V-shape piece of garment to cover a zipper from the back (optional).
Step 15
Sew the zipper to the sweater and the V-shape piece of garment.
Step 16
Pick up about 32 stitches to knit a pocket.
After about 10 rows, bind off 5 stitches on both sides of the knitted piece.
Gradually begin to decrease a number of stitches to shape the pocket.
Cast off the remaining stitches and leave some yarn to attach the top side of the pocket.
Step 17
Attach the yarn, center the knitted piece, and sew the bottom part of the pocket to the sweater.

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hoddie patten

hi if this patten for 2 year old do i double it for a 4 year old please help thank you

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Hi hansen,

Hi hansen,
It depends on your gauge/tension. I would advise you to make a small sample of stockinette stitch to learn your gauge first, then estimate how many sts you need to your child's chest circumference accordingly adding about 1 inch for growth. Then cast on multiples of 4 to make the ribbing pattern work (k2, p2). After that bottom ribbing, work as many rounds/rows as necessary to underarms, and then start working your back (50% of all sts) and 2 front parts (25% of all sts each). If you write me your gauge, I'll give you my suggested number of sts to start with. Happy knitting!

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For Aliece Minassian,

For Aliece Minassian,
I just tried this hoodie on my 3 year old daughter. I posted this picture so you could compare how it fits on a two year old child versus to three year old child. As you see it is wide enough, but sleeves are short. I would also add about 4 or more rows to the length. Happy knitting!

knit hoodie sweater for child pattern
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