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How to make the car last longer


The quality of a car you buy will affect the longevity at a first place with no questions about, but the same cars might not last equally the same time because of different conditions while operating the vehicle. The car longevity might be prolonged with following simple steps which will prevent the vehicle from sooner general wear to costly parts replacements.

Regular car maintenance

Whether it is a new or used car the properly maintain vehicle will not only prolong the general car life time, but reduce the possibility of unexpected damages while driving on day to day basis. It is absolutely important to bring your car for scheduled maintenance or even in case of repair to a mechanic you can trust and who will guaranty the work. Do not forget to keep maintenance records.
Most modern cars well equipped with electronics and will indicate whether it is some critical problems with a car. But there are still things you have to keep track on:

Changing engine oil

There is well known myth from last century many people believe in or may be better to say some one wants to make drivers believe in – changing oil every 3,000 miles with no separation which oil and with engines. Short to say it was actual when only a few engine oil products were available with a much poor engines quality itself. Technology moving forward and high quality full synthetic motor oil can be changed in as long as 15,000 miles. Also check what is car manufacturer recommends for particular model.

Transmission oil

Always check what car manufacturer recommends, and depending whether it is manual or automatic transmission along with a type of your vehicle usually the interval vary from every 30,000 mi to 75,000 mi.

Keep the filters clean

Oil filters will be replaced while changing oil, but do not forget about air filter. Regardless of who recommend what it will depend directly on where you are driving. If you use your car on a dusty roads you might want to check air filter at least ones a month, but usually it can easily perform well 60,000 miles or even more.

Keep all fluids in normal levels

Coolant or antifreeze, tower steering fluid and brake fluid should be at a normal level all the time. Whether check it yourself or ask the mechanic every time changing oil. If you are living in the area with a cold winters do not forget if you will put water instead windshield washer it will freeze and might cause some additional damages to the windshield washing system.

Check the tire pressure

Not properly inflated tires not only will wear faster, but it is also not safe for driving.


Keep an eye on a dashboard

Remember all indicators on a dashboard are for a reason. If you see check engine, low pressure or other critical lights are on do not ignore them it might cause much bigger troubles if not to find and eliminate the problem ones it is occur.

Clean the car reasonably

You are nearly right if thinking that cleaning the car is a personal preference. But If you driving a car in the cold winter where putting a salt or other chemicals on the road is very typical you have to consider the fact that salt is a worst enemy of a vehicle because it cause a corrosion. If your do not want to see a rust on your car you’d better wash out the salt from the vehicle often.

Do not overload the vehicle

Overloading a car might lead to serious problems from damaging the suspensions and transmission to simply make the vehicle unsafe to drive with significantly higher possibility of an accident. Always choose a type of a car according to your needs.

Do not overestimate your car

From the day you decide to buy a new or change old car make sure you are getting the car according to your life style and preferences. If your get a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla which are on the top of a best cars in its class but every single time trying to pass a side standing Porsche Carrera accelerating on a green light you are simply killing your car with no even close approach to desire results. How long the car will last will depend on how the vehicle will be maintained and used.