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Types of car bodies


There are different types of cars based on its body type available on the market.

Coupe - two doors car perfect choice for every day driving in the city. Comparably smaller size makes the car very maneuverable and easy to park. Typically coupe is a fuel efficient car because of a small engine size.

Sedan - two or four doors vehicle and one of the most popular car options. This type of a car can be used by a single driver or a family with a couple of children. There are three categories: small, medium, and large size sedans are available.

Hatchback - the type of a smaller car where passenger and cargo area are not divided, but it is a one interior space. This vehicle has a rear door what makes it easier for transporting bigger things because of loading and unloading not limited by the side door dimensions.

Station wagon has a similar body style to hatchback, but it is a bigger car with a longer cargo space. Typically wagons are four door cars while hatchback might have four or two side doors.

Sport utility vehicle also known as SUV - bigger car usually four wheel drive with a best off road capability in comparison with any other vehicles and similar to pickup trucks. Based on its size there are compact, midsize and full size SUV are defined depending how big the vehicle is. Some of the big SUVs have total interior space the same as minivans with 8 passengers’ seats.

Minivan - car with a larger interior space for a bigger family. Usually minivan is a 7 passenger’s vehicle with a space for luggage easily accessible from the rear door.

Pickup truck - is a vehicle typically used for hauling things. Cargo area is open from the top which allows fitting pretty much any load proportionally big to the truck size without any obstacles.

Crossover also known as CUV or crossover utility vehicle is a type of a vehicle which combines wagon and sedan fixtures in like SUV body.

Convertible car is not actually distinctive body type, but more like a style. Many coupe, sedans or SUVs might have a movable roof top allowing interior vehicle space left widely open. There are two types of convertible vehicles based on a type of roof material used:

  • soft top convertible - if the roof made of flexible textile materials:
  • hard top convertible - if the roof is hard and often made the same material as a car body itself.

While soft top convertible is a very common option, hard top is normally used in expensive sport cars or top of line versions.

Sport cars are built for acceleration and speed. Normally no one means comfort, but fun while driving such car. All sport cars are coupe and smaller sizes because additional parts, oversize and a total weight of a vehicle make a huge impact on its performance when it comes to the speed. Even though this type of cars is small in size, powerful engine makes the vehicle not a fuel efficient option.