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How long does the car last


There is no simple answer to the question how long the car will last. There are numbers of factors which will have direct or indirect impact on the time a particular vehicle can be in use before falling apart. But even if some major problems happened with a car because of age, excessive driving or even some defects it can be repair or restore to “like a new condition”. Usually a regular driver might not consider replacing engine or transmission for a vehicle and pay nearly half of the total vehicle cost for labor and parts and it is very typical to forget about such auto selling it for parts or to a mechanic who can still do something good with it. In such case the owner will consider the car simply reaches the end of its life time and no longer has a value. Always remember it is not a smart idea to put too much money is old car. Once something fixed there is still a potential risk in failure of other car components which are very often pricy to replace.

How many miles is too many for a car

Buying a new car is a definitely a best option. Most of car manufacturers will offer 60,000 miles or 5 years standard powertrain warranty, but some automakers offering 10 years or 100,000 miles whatever comes first. In most cases, with a reasonable vehicle usage and on time services performed there is not supposed to be major problems with a car which has 60,000 ml on it. And many vehicles will perform just fine even after 100,000 ml. There are many cars which reach 200,000 miles and still running with no engine or transmission replaced, but the numbers don’t lie. Car with a 150,000 ml often will cost 40% -30% of its original price, but you have to know what to look for when buying a used car.


Who is a driver

How driver drives the car will have a direct impact on how long the car will be driven. 18 years old guys often if not always wants to try how the car will perform. Experimenting with a car capability under extreme condition often will lead to excessive wear of the car parts and lead to reducing the overall longevity of the vehicle. It doesn’t mean if the auto will be driven slow it will last longer. Most of the cars will perform much better if driving 65 – 75 mph on a highway instead of 35 mph in the city with making frequent stops. But trying to break a new world acceleration record every time pushing the gas pedal might damage the car significantly and cause its decreasing in overall performance sooner. Even the best car in its class might not last long if constantly driven under extreme conditions.

How old is a car

3-years old car with 120,000 miles is a different from 25-years old car with equal mileage. It is not about the style but some car component might be damaged because of time, but not because of its usage. If the vehicle stayed in garage with a perfect condition for a long time rubber hoses, boots, and gaskets might need to be replaces regardless the fact of no or very limited driving. Also it is a greater chance that car body will have corrosion overtime no matter how many miles on a dashboard.


It all depends. If you are

It all depends. If you are driving 30,000mi/year most likely it wouldn’t make 10 years unless engine and dozens other parts will be replaced. But if you drive 4,000mi/year it might last for 20 years or even longer. Driver and maintenance matter as well. In any case, once saw a Camry, in normal driving condition with over 320,000 running on original engine and transmission.

I saw once Honda with about

I saw once Honda with about 150,000 miles on it and with dozens of problems. My friend bought it not new for cheap, but her constant repairs add up to the huge amount of money in relatively short period of time. For her it would be better to buy a little bit more expensive car and don’t waste time and the nervous system on often visits the repair shop. The most frustrated thing was when the car died on the traffic light while on the way to her work. Therefore, in my opinion, no matter how long your car can last if you start having any problems with it, then better to get rid of the vehicle as early as possible.