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How to knit a sweater for baby or toddler - video tutorial with detailed instructions.

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How to knit a sweater for baby or toddler - video tutorial with detailed instructions.

Yarn - RED HEART worsted 4
Needles - US 3 (3.25 mm) 7 in (17.78 cm)
Size - 18 months
Complexity - intermediate to easy
1. Cast on 108 stitches on one long 14 in (35 cm) knitting needle.
2. Divide the stitches evenly to 4 double pointed needles (you should have 27 stitches on each needle).
3. Make ribbing hiding the other end of the yarn - [knit 2, purl 2] to end for 3 rounds.
4. Add another color and continue [knit 2, purl 2] to end for other 3 rounds.
5. Change pattern. On the first front needle - purl 8, knit 6, purl 2, knit 6, and purl 5. On the second needle - P 5, K 6, P 2, K 6, and P 8 (note, this is a mirror reflection of the 1st front needle). Knit all stitches on the third and fourth back needles.
6. Repeat Step 5 for 6 rounds.
7. On the 1st needle - purl 8 first stitches.
8*. Make a braid - slip on a safety pin 3 stitches and knit the other 3 ones. Once you do that, slide back the stitches from the pin to the left needle and knit them. After that purl 2sitches and repeat Step 8*.
Purl 5 remaining stitches on the first needle.
9. On the 2nd needle knit as a mirror reflection of Step 6, 7, and 8 - purl 5, do Step 8*, purl 2, repeat Step 8*, and purl 8. Knit all stitches on 3rd and 4th needles as usual. After that repeat Step 5 for 6 rounds.
10. Decrease gradually 4 stitches from both sleeve sides of the front side after 36 rounds or about 7 inches from the ribbing. Since initially there were 54 stitches on two front needles, now you should have 46 or 23 on each of the two needles. Stop knitting in the round. Knit right and wrong sides.
11. Begin to make space for the neck once you knit 57 rows from the bottom ribbing. Start knitting right and wrong sides only on one left front needle gradually reducing stitches from the neck side till you have 16 stitches left or when you do about 77 rows from the ribbing.
12. Cast off.
13. Attach the yarn and start the other right front piece. Repeat Step 11 and Step 12 for the second front piece.
14. Begin to work with the back. Attach the yarn. Reduce 2 stitches from both sleeve sides, so you will have instead of 54 stitches 50 or 25 on each back needle. Knit all stitches until you do 65 rows from the ribbing.
15. Knit only on one back needles gradually reducing stitches from the neck side until you have 16 stitches left. Cast off. Do the same for the other back shoulder piece.
16. Connect front and back pieces on both right and left sides.
17. Attach the yarn and pick up 42 stitches or 14 stitches on each needle for the sleeve. Work on 3 double pointed needles. Knit all stitches gradually and evenly reducing a number of stitches for 35 rows and until you have 32 or 28 stitches left.
18. Begin the sleeve ribbing - [knit 2, purl 2] to end for 3 rounds. Add other color and [K2, P2] to end for 3 rounds. Cast off and hide the tail of the yarn.
19. Repeat Step 17 and Step 18 for the other sleeve.
20. Attach the yarn and pick up 72 stitches or 18 on each needle for the neck. Work on 4 double pointed needles - [K2, P2] to end for 2 rounds, then change color and make another 2 rounds. Do not reduce a number of stitches.
21. Cast off and hide the tail.'s picture
habite Sutton

habite Sutton

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step 10 is the 7in include

step 10 is the 7in include the ribbing

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Hi rgggrly2k,

Hi rgggrly2k,
The step 10 doesn't include the ribbing. It is necessary to measure the 7 inches from it. Happy knitting!

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For 18-24 mon

Hi. I will be using red heart worsted yarn 4 for 18-24 mon baby boy. How should i adjust the pattern? I am new to knitting and would appreciate the help.


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Hi upasana,

Hi upasana,
It will depend on your gauge/tension and child's chest circumference (plus about 1 inch for growth). If your gauge would be about the same as mine, you may follow the pattern exactly. If not, you may try using a larger size knitting needles to adjust your gauge. Happy knitting!

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