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Raglan sleeve sweater knitting pattern

raglan sweater knitting pattern

Yarn - Lion Brand Yarns 24/7 Cotton (color: ECRU) / Medium 4 / 3.5 oz (100 g) / 186 yd (170 m) / 5 balls needed
Knitting Needles - Circular, 16" and 29” Size 8 (5 mm) or other size needles needed for the gauge
Gauge - About 3 repeats go into 3 inches
Size - S/M
Complexity - Easy

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lace sweater

Part 1
Begin knitting the sweater from the top to bottom. Cast on 36 sts.

1st row (right side) –, corner1, k2, corner1, k22, corner1, k2, corner1, k1
One repeat between corners is 4 sts.
2nd row and all even rows–, p to end
3rd row –, k1, corner1, [k2, yo, k2tog], corner1, [k2, yo, k2tog] x 6, corner1, [k2, yo, k2tog], corner1, k2
5th row –, k2, corner1, (k to corner, corner1) x 3, k3

Repeat the pattern starting from the 3rd row working more repeats between each corner.

7th row –, k3, corner1, ([k2, yo, k2tog] to corner, corner1) x 3, k4
9th row –, k4, corner1, (k to corner, corner1) x 3, k5, add 20 sts/loops

Begin knitting in the round. Use a marker.

1st round – k to end
Now use your first corner as a new starting point.
2nd round – (corner1, [k2, yo, k2tog] to corner) x 4
3rd round – k to end
4th round – (corner1, k to corner) x 4
5th round = 3rd round

Repeat the pattern starting from the 2nd round working more repeats between each corner. Work rounds increasing sts until your front and back parts will be wide enough for your chest circumference.

knit raglan sweater

Part 2
To adjust the size, work 4 more rounds before joining front and back parts together or cast on extra 4 sts (one repeat) between corners.

Join front and back parts together
28th round – [k1 corner st., slip sts on safety pin (1 corner st., all shoulder part sts, 1 corner st.), k to corner] x 2
29th round – k to end
30th round – [k2, yo, k2tog] to end
31, 32, and 33 rounds – k to end
34th round – [yo, k2tog, k2] to end
35, 36, and 37 rounds – k to end
Repeat the pattern starting from the round 30 until you reach the desired length of the sweater.
Cast off all sts.

Slide sts back on circular needles. Attach the yarn under arm. Pick up 4 sts in order not to develop a hole.
1 and 2 rounds – k to end
3rd round – [k2, yo, k2tog] to end
4, 5, and 6 rounds – k to end
7th round – [yo, k2tog, k2] to end
8, 9, and 10 rounds – k to end
Repeat the pattern starting from the 3rd round until you knit the desired length of each sleeve.
Cast off all sts.

On the edge of the neckline, pick up sts, and then cast them off.

diy sweater knit

[ ] – repeat
corner – yo, k2, yo
k – knit
k2tog – knit two sts together
p – purl – slip stitch (slide one loop from the left needle to the right one without knitting it)
st – stitch
yo – yarn over


Lace sweater knitting tutorial


Hello ... Welcome back ..

Hello ... Welcome back ..
When I saw this video and I immediately started knitting .. But during the knitting I found that I do not understand the formula at all and I regret it, even if it is written easy ... ? I'm really confused and since I'm from the Czech Republic, I don't even understand your description on your website ... Thank you

Hi Veronika,

Hi Veronika,
You are a very careful crocheter (you did much harder projects), so I'm 100% sure you can do this top too. I do not know how far did you go with your knitting project or where did you get stuck. If you write me more details about your issue, I'll help you out.
The formula for this sweater is to increase sts from 4 corners only and work the pattern every 3 rows/rounds. Each time you work the pattern row, your number of repeats should increase by one between each corner.

Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your answer ... I appreciate your efforts.
I got into the sweater yesterday and after watching your video I recognized that it is a really simple pattern. But when I got into it I found myself completely confused. I have knitted raglan and horns ..
I did not understand the procedures of the series .. I know that every second even line is different otherwise nothing .. You have a beautifully explained video, so the error is not on your side but on my.And for that I apologize ...

Hi Veronika,

Hi Veronika,
On the picture you may see the first three rows of the pattern. You may use markers for each corner, so you can see them better at first. Abbreviations are at the bottom of the page. I can knit you a sample as well, if you'll need it.


Hi Sana

Hi Sana
Hope you are doing well. Can you teach us how to crochet a no sew seamless long sleeve sweater? When you have the time of course.

Thank you in advance !

Hi redjewel,

Hi redjewel,
I'll try to think of something. Thank you for the idea. Happy crochet!