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Why I chose to stay home with my child


Parents have many reasons why they prefer to stay home with their children rather than returning to work after childbirth. There is no right or wrong decisions because we all unalike and have different motives when opting for one option over another. I’m a first time inexperienced mother and maybe that makes me to be too protective. I might change the opinion in a few years when my child will be a little bit older. But for now I just not ready myself to let a babysitter to stay with little one without my supervision.

Below is my several reasoning why I’m not comfortable to hire a babysitter and would rather take care about my baby by self.


Now my son cannot even speak. For me it is scary to trust my toddler to somebody if I cannot ask him something like how your day was or anything. He is too young to respond on questions and that is the most uncomfortable part when it comes to letting others watch for my baby.

Hard to find the right person

I recall that right after my labor it was scary for me to stay home with my own child. First couple of weeks I was afraid even to fall asleep myself. I could not help constantly check for my baby whether he is ok or at least still breathing. In a few weeks following the labor things start to get a little bit easier and I decided to return to my work.

I could not afford to use services of a professional nanny. That’s why I wanted to seek help from maybe a student or other stay home mother who would want to have some additional earning. However, when it came to searching for a babysitter, it was much harder than I thought. The interviewing process was tiring, stressful, and upsetting. When I spoke with girls over the phone, candidates seem like nice and mature. But when I saw some of them in person, my opinion differs. I became unsure that it was even a good idea to let someone to watch for my few weeks old son.


I’m calm when it is possible to control or monitor a situation. That’s why for now a babysitter option is just not for me. I need to be 100% sure that my son is safe and in good care. Even just thoughts of what a caregiver might give or show to my child scary me a lot.

Work from home

Some people complain that they cannot work from home because there are too many distractions. In my case, it is better to concentrate while I see my child than not. I would worry more when I knew than someone else in charge of my son. Maybe it is just me because sometimes I’m not comfortable to leave my baby even with his biological father. My husband loves his boy and gives him a good care, but he is impatient with our child which makes me nervous.