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When is the right time to have a baby?


Most women dream to have children some day after they will be ready to become mothers. Many young adults delay planning for family because of uncertainty that future holds. They want to get some education and embark in their careers first. However, human lives are short, and years fly so fast. Before ladies know they turn past thirties already and their biological clocks start ticking.

How I found out about my pregnancy

For couple of years my husband and I live without having children. In fact, we dated for several years before marriage and I never got pregnant. At some point, I thought that maybe we cannot even have a baby. That’s why I was not concern much about using a protection and was sort of even shocked to learn about my pregnancy when that happened.

First sign of my pregnancy

Usually I’m trying to be very careful with my food choices because of concern about my body shape. That’s why I try not to eat sweets often. However, when I got pregnant it was hard to think for me about something else but chocolate. Despite of common sense and understanding that treats are not good for me, I went to a store, bought a huge cone chocolate ice-cream, and ate it all in front of my husband in one time. When my spouse saw that, he could not help to ask whether I was ok. After that I decided to make a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy test

I went again to the store and bought a pregnancy test. First thing next morning, I went to the bathroom and tried to do the test. However, I did not get the result for some reason. Maybe it happened because I did not use it properly. None of control lines were visible. On one hand, I thought that it is because I was not pregnant. But then it still bothered me, so I decided to make a second test in a hospital.

Keep a child vs. abortion

Nowadays people are never ready to have a first child even when they are after thirty. I knew that my biological clock might start ticking soon, but to have a baby is totally different as to own a pet. It is much more responsibility and obligations. Financial factor was also sort of an issue because at that time I was enrolled in the Masters Degree program and could not have a full time job. Not telling about scary notion of attending lectures with a huge belly.

After many hesitations, we decided to keep the baby. There are won’t be any particular right moment to bear a child because we always will be busy and have lack of time. I agree that people just have to squeeze in their busy schedules important events like engagement, wedding, and having children. I believe no matter how individuals are busy, but they should have at least one child in their lives.