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My trip to Florida


I traveled to Florida with my boyfriend at the end of summer. People say that it is not the best time to go there, but we liked to be there at that time a lot. It wasn’t too crowd on beaches, in restaurants, in hotels, and on streets. My friend and I took an air plane to Miami where we booked the hotel room. Despite the fact that some persons might say that in such hot weather it is not possible to be anywhere, but stay only near the water on beaches, we rented a car and visited many places as was planned during our one week vacation time. We drove to Key West, Alligators farm, Disneyland in Orlando, Palm Beach, and Cape Florida Light.

Good thing about that extremely hot weather was that I even lost some weight there and so does my boyfriend. I guess it is because of the heat. I didn’t want to eat there much, but I drank lots and lots of water. Atlantic Ocean is very warm there that you just want to swim in the water and lay on soft sand all day. Florida’s beaches are very sandy and beautiful. They are known for their wonderful shelling and waves that are great for surfing.

We didn’t surf, but I wanted to dive, though. However, it was not possible to realize this plan because I had so many planed activities in one vacation that by the time we decided to dive it was already too late to do it. I didn’t know at that time, but in order to dive we had to come in one day for training in a pool first and then only next day to dive in the ocean. However, we had an airplane ticket back home; so, I couldn’t afford to stay another day in Miami for diving. It was a little bit disappointing to found out that I couldn’t accomplish my vacation plan, but that was totally my fault anyway. I didn’t do any research on an internet to know what requirements for diving are.

After we arrived in our hotel we enjoyed an amazing ocean view. On the next day of our vacation we made one day trip to the Key West. On the way there and back we had an exciting and a little bit scary feeling while driving through the ocean. When we get there we explored the town for awhile, swim in the ocean, ride a jet ski for one hour, and headed back to Miami in the evening. We made one stop to have some dinner on the way back. Our order in the restaurant was exclusively from sea foods. I felt that sea food tastes differently there. I guess, maybe because it is very fresh; just right from the ocean. Our trip was a long, tiring, but exciting that was definitely worth to spend that way. Everything was according to our plans. We really enjoyed the drive and never regret about time and money spend there. My boyfriend does love to drive, so for us it wasn’t an issue to spend a few hours in our car in order to get there and back.

Next day after Key West we visited Alligators farm, and spend there also most of the day. We visited their animals’ exhibitions. Then we saw feeding of alligators and some shows which were short, but informative and fun. After the last show everyone was allowed to hold the baby alligator, and take pictures with it.  After that we had an airboat ride which was in my opinion the best part of all Alligators farm visit.

The airboat ride was about 30 minutes or so. The boat captain entertained us by pointing out all the cool things we saw on our way and tell us other interesting and funny stories/legends. While riding that boat we could see different trees, bushes, and other vegetation in that river and even alligators which were not that far away from our boat. We got a little bit scary, wet, but excited after the airboat span. It was obviously part of their tour program, but still fun. The only one unpleasant thing that we experienced there was mosquitoes. There was incredibly lots of them. Since we didn’t take any mosquito spray we straggle a lot from their bites.

Third day of our vacation we spend in Orlando. We visit Disneyland that is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. It is very fun place to go to for parents with kids, but it wasn’t our case at that time. Therefore, I wouldn’t say that we enjoyed there much especially after the price for ticket my boyfriend had to pay. There we saw lots of different shows, some of them were fun and others were just informative. We went on a few roller-coaster rides which I like there the most. However, for that matter it would be better to go in different places like Cedar Point, for instance.

On our fourth day of vacation we were so tired and exhausted from our three big previous trips that we decided just to enjoy sun and relax on the Palm Beach. Florida beaches are all gorges and look pretty much the same. So, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose.

Last day we spend on Cape Florida Light, the historic compound in Bill Baggs State Park. We went to see the keeper's house first and then climb on the lighthouse. It has remarkable view from the top. After that we spend our afternoon there, we swim and took sunbathes on the shore. After two last days of lying on Miami beaches I got so brown ten that I couldn’t believe before that it is possible to get it in so short period of time.