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How to potty train a boy


How did I start to potty train my boy

I started the process by putting my child on a potty once a day in the morning right after his night sleep. At that time he was 6 months old and just has learned how to actually sit up. It is not very necessary to begin the training that early, but it might have its own benefits. For example, he may sit there more still without trying to stand up. Not all children can sit up after they turn 6 months old and there is usually nothing to worry about. Therefore, don’t even think about toilet training before he learns how to actually sit without using his arms for support.

When I started adding a number of potty training times

About in a month after my first potty training attempts I started to add gradually a number of times our boy was putted on the potty. Since I started the training early he wasn’t able to get up from his potty yet, but still I had to try hard to entertain him while he was on toilet training. I also must pay attention that he won’t fall of the potty. Usually when parents start the training much later then they might experience more difficulties of keeping their children on the potty seat or make them sit down on it.

How long does potty training take

I recall that first few times of such potty training attempts were the hardest ones then with some time it got easier. That’s why don’t expect that it will happen right away and everything will be just perfect. In my opinion, it is almost like breastfeeding where not only child has to learn how to suck the milk, but a mother as well has to gain skills on how to feed her baby. Furthermore, when it comes to potty training not only child should master to pee or pop into a potty, but parents should also learn how to put and keep their children there without making them frustrated.

Importance of involving family members in potty training process

When I began to add a number of potty training times I started to involve my husband in the process as well. I asked him to put our boy on a potty when he was in charge of him for the day. So, he started to sit his son down on a potty after naps and just when he feels the diaper is still dry, but our baby didn’t pee for a long time. My husband from the beginning also had a hard time putting him on potty training because he didn’t know how to do it. He used to complain that our child doesn’t like to do it in his presence, but now they both learned from each other as well. Of course, the training is not all the time perfect or according to the plan. Potty training is especially hard with boys because sometimes if you don’t put him properly, the child might pee out of the potty. In fact, we still train our son going number 1 (#1) and number 2 (#2), but now everything is much easier than it used to be. He knows already why he is there and what he suppose to do. In addition, it is a good way of saving money on diapers.

How to keep a boy on potty and not letting him get up early

When parents just start a potty training process it might be hard to keep a child on a potty. Moreover, it may be even frustrating moments not only for a child, but for a parent as well. That’s why it is important to stay calm and patient with your child as much as possible and act accordingly to your own particular situation. If the situation will go out of the control, just stop it and try another time. Children are very different and there is no one universal way on how to potty train your baby. You should learn from each other and determine what works for you best.

Potty training tips

- When is the right time to sit your boy down on the potty

First of all, don’t put your child on a potty if you don’t feel that he might want to go at that moment. You may end up sitting with him for hours and nothing will happen anyway. It is better to try sitting him down on a potty right after his night sleep or nap time from the beginning of the toilet training.

- How to entertain your boy while he is on potty training

It is important especially with older kids to know how to entertain them well because they might start to get up right after you sit them down there and even get frustrated. So, in order to avoid the situations mentioned above I read him his favorite books, show him pictures, give him his favorite toys to play or water to drink from time to time depending on his mood. As adults children have also good and bad days, so if your baby is not in a good mood then it is better do not try to make him even more frustrated by putting on potty training. Just wait for the right moment.

- How not miss the right moment for potty training

Usually it doesn’t take long him to go pee, but poop takes longer. For example, in the morning he usually goes pee in about 3 – 5 min. and poop in about 7 – 10 min. So, sometimes if he didn’t pee in a few minutes after I set him down on the potty I still wait another good 10 minutes to give him time to poop. During the day I don’t wait that long because it is not worthwhile anyway. I’ve noticed that if after 5 -10 minutes he did not go then I missed the right moment for sure and next time should put him on a potty a little bit earlier. For instance, sometimes I wake him up few minutes earlier his usual time when he gets up and try to sit him down on the potty.

- Do not keep your boy on the potty longer than necessary

Other reason why he might not poop in the morning is because he might have constipation that day. That’s why if you feel that he won’t go anyway it is better to put a new diaper on and try to do it another time. Be aware that it is not recommended by pediatricians to keep your child on a potty for a long time.

- Educate your boy about potty training

Other thing that parent can use while they potty train their children is to take from your local library a potty training video and watch it while your baby is on a potty. He will see that other kids go potty as well and it might encourage him better to do it also. In addition, in that video you may hear recommendation that when a child gets older it is necessary to ask your husband go with his son or you should go yourself with a girl to the bathroom and show what you are doing there. Good luck!



I like the idea to start potty training early, but I don’t like to mess up with pop and clean it from the potty.


In order not to mess up with pop you need to pour a little bit water into the potty before putting the child on it. That will prevent pop from sticking to the bottom of the potty and you can just pour everything to the toilet then wash with water without having any problem. Sometimes children pee first making addition of the water useless, but in order to be save, just in case your child just go number two that day, the water will save your time releasing you from messing up with anything.
Each parent must decide for her/himself when is the right time to start the potty training or when the need arise. All kids are different and what is good for one child might not work for the other one. Usually parents start to potty train their children when they get tired of changing diapers, want to save on diapers, or need to enroll their baby to a preschool where usually only potty trained kids can be accepted.
In addition, early potty training is easier to do for a stay home mom or for families with the same baby sitter. This process is long and requires lots of patience from yours and your child’s sides. Therefore, only your particular situation can give you an answer whether it is worthwhile to start the potty training early or not.


In your article you wrote “if you don’t put him properly, the child might pee out of the potty”, so what is the right way to sit him down in order to avoid peeing out of the potty. Thanks.


Make sure that when your child sits on the potty he leans forward a little bit. Do not make him to do it by forth though. Try to encourage him to do it himself by giving him a toy to play with, for example. Also try to keep him in this position until he goes number 1. Hope this helps.