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How not to gain weight after you lose it?


Many people dream to get rid of unwanted pounds fast, do total transformation, and start new life. Most persons erroneously think that the hardest part is to melt fat accumulated for so many years. However, to decrease body mass is not that difficult compare to keep it off.

I started to be concern about my weight from age of 15. For me it was hard to understand why my body accumulates fat so easily. I saw how slim my two years older sister was in her childhood and even my mother was weighted less than me. Most of my classmates did not have weight problems also. One boy from my group even dared to tell me that I needed to start running. Those words were not just offensive, but humiliating. After that I decided to reduce my dinner portion sizes and stop eating lunches at school.

In about a year I did lose majority of my weight for the price of gained health problems which reflected on my appearance. I had visible problems with my hair, nails, and skin. I suffer severe pain during periods from lack of needed vitamins in my body. Because of not eating normally I was weak, felt tired constantly and few times even fainted in a gym at school.

From the beginning my mom would not mind my idea to get rid of some extra pounds. She knew that I was on a diet, but never interfered in the process. However, after my teacher start telling her to pay close attention to my weight loss strategy, she started to speak to me about reasonableness and thoughtfulness of my decisions.

On one hand, my mother understood that it is not good for any person to be overweight and she wanted me to drop some pounds. On the other hand, everybody should manage their body mass wisely. She knew that after her daughter got tired of starving, those lost pounds will come back even faster.

My mother educated me from her experience how to stay slim. After that for over 10 years my weight stabilized. Though I still seasonally gain and lose few pounds, but it is not something that raises my concern or worth to worry about. I’m healthy, feel well, and have a good shape. Below are some advices that my mom gave me:


Choose a diet plan that is right for you. Then change those dieting frequently in order to make it more effective. However, no matter what, you need to drink lots of water, eat one bowl of salad and fruits every day. Consume daily certain products that contain proteins, fibers, and iron.

Watch calories

From the beginning it is necessary to count calories what you going to intake. In a few days after starting a diet it won’t be required to do so because you will make estimates in your mind just by seeing certain fare.


It is hard to make yourself to do physical exercises, but walking is one of relatively easy and effective activities everybody can manage.

Get busy

In order not to start eating from being bored, get busy with reading, writing, planting flowers, drawing, painting, knitting or any other activity.