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Fence designs, ideas, styles

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white-picket-fence-on-stone-foundation White picket fence on stone foundation

Simple to install picket fence on top of stone foundation. Easy to install fencing option. Untreated wood is susceptible to rot, but exterior paint application will protect it from water and moisture-related damages.

horizontal-wood-boards-fence-on-wooden-posts Horizontal wood boards fence on wooden posts

A great privacy fence option. Wood is one of the best materials to use for building fences. It is easy to work with natural product. With proper installation and periodical maintenance wood fence is one of the best affordable solutions for homeowners to consider.

wood-fence-with-welded-metal-frame Wood fence with welded metal frame

Professionally installed and properly maintained steel fencing posts will last for decades. Damaged wood inside of metal frame could be easily replaced with new boards. Welded steel top of the fence will increase the overall cost, but will add its custom touch to the fence design.

composite-fence-panels Composite fence design - stone imitation panels

Quality composite fencing panels properly installed on composite line posts is very durable and long lasting fencing option for residential and commercial properties. Many products designed to withstand up to 130 mph wind gusts and block up to 98% of direct sound. High quality composite fence do not rot, do not crack or fade and fencing panels are relatively easy to install.

metal-concrete-fence-design-ideas Custom made metal fence on concrete foundation

One of the most long-lasting fencing solutions. Metal fence on top of concrete foundation is a perfect privacy fence option to build around residential or commercial properties. Often it is not a budget friendly idea, because of cost of materials and time consuming installation process, but with proper care such fence will last for decades with minimal maintenance. Periodical application of a sealer on concrete and putting once in couple years a coat of corrosion resistant paint on metal will prolong fence’s lifespan.

wood-fence-with-steel-design-ideas Wood metal fence combination

Custom welded steel fence in combination with wood is a great long-lasting residential fencing solution. It is not the cheapest fence option due to time-consuming building process, but with proper installation and periodical maintenance such fence will last for decades.

brick-fence-with-lights-design-ideas Brick steel fence with lights

Combination of brick foundation and brick pillars with metal sections is one of the most durable and long-lasting fencing solutions for residential and commercial properties. Lights on top of brick pillars create distinctive fence appearance and serve its main purpose at night.

horizontal-boards-wood-fence-on-steel-posts Horizontal boards wood fence on steel posts

Wood is one of the most popular material used for building fences around residential properties. Pressure treated pine is relatively cheap lumber and it is easy to work with material. Steel posts will not rot and anticorrosion metal treatment will help to extend lifespan of a whole fence. Combination of wood boards and steel posts is one of the most effective ways to make a fence on a low budget without significant reduction of its quality, durability and longevity.

stone-fence-design-old-style Stone fence old style

Natural stone is one of the most durable materials used in construction. With proper installation, stone fence will last decades with minimal maintenance. Due to time consuming building process, stone fence often much more expensive fencing option compare with other traditional fencing materials such as wood or vinyl.

steel-fence-on-brick-pillars Steel fence on brick pillars

Metal fence with steel gates is a great long lasting privacy fencing solution for residential properties. Solid concrete foundation and brick pillars make the fence extremely durable structure suitable in any climate zone. Decorative lights on side of the gates emphasize home’s rich appearance with serving its main purpose at night.

custom-welded-gates-with-white-heron-sculpture Custom welded gates with white heron sculpture

Steel is very long lasting material for building exterior structures. It is not the cheapest fence solution due to time-consuming custom work. Two decorative lights on both ends of fence are perfectly match with gates style. White heron sculpture on the side of custom gates emphasize the rich look of the whole property.

two-rail-fence-with-concrete-pillars Two rail fence with concrete pillars

Two horizontally installed rail-boards on concrete pillars. Composite boards is a long-lasting fencing material and require very little maintenance. Concrete pillars are a perfect solution for supporting rails.

precast-concrete-fence-panels Precast concrete fence panels

Precast concrete fence is much faster to install compare to building concrete fence on the site. It is heavy fencing material and special machinery used for lifting and putting into place fence panels. Concrete fence require adequate maintenance, but with proper care it will last for decades.

concrete-brick-double-fence Concrete brick double fence

Custom-build concrete fence in combination with brick. Double walls create an area for planting green plants and flowers. It is not a cheapest fence solution, but one of the most beautiful fence design around residential properties. A great long-lasting privacy fence ideas for custom built homes.

custom-shaped-fence Custom shaped fence

A great long lasting custom fence design. Very durable metal panels mounted on custom-shaped concrete foundation. Two-colors combination used for each fencing material emphasize unique fence design. The fence looks stunning in combination with a hedge.

wood-chain-link-combination-fence Wood chain link combination fence

Combination of horizontally installed rails on wood posts with chain link. Very typical fence design used in natural habitats such as parks, forest preserves and on the beaches. Relatively simple to build fence solution for rural areas.

metal-fence-black-metal-posts Metal fence black metal posts

Metal fence is one of the most long-lasting solutions to use for residential and commercial properties. Quality workmanship during installation and adequate maintenance will ensure the best ability of metal fence to withstand any weather condition.

chain-link-fence Simple chain link fence

Chain link fence is one of the cheapest fencing options available. With proper installation quality chain link fence will last many years with minimal maintenance. It is not the best solution for privacy purpose, but it will work well for marking property’s borders and preventing pets/animals from trespassing designated areas.

cedar-fence-with-metal-posts-and-frame Cedar fence with metal posts and frame

Privacy fence installed around residential property. Cedar boards stained to extend wood longevity. Metal posts and fence frame welded together and painted to prevent the steel from corrosion.

stone-fence-with-wood-on-top Low stone fence with wood on top

Long lasting solid stone fence build as a security barrier on the side of a walkway. Solid lumber installed on top of concrete blocks set over the stones. Stone wood fence combination.

stained-cedar-fence-on-metal-posts Stained cedar fence on metal posts

Privacy cedar fence installed on metal posts for maximum longevity. Colored exterior wood stain applied to protect wood from rotting. Simple privacy design.

three-slit-rails-fence-lumber-fence Three rail wood fence barrier

Simple split three-rail wood fence build as a security barrier on a side of pedestrian walkway.

single-rail-wood-fence-barrier Single rail wood barrier

Single rail lumber barrier on round wooden posts. Security wood fence installed on a side of a steep road.

two-split-rails-lumber-fence-black Two rails lumber fence black

Very typical fence style widely used in parks and on the farms. Wood is very susceptible to rotting, but proper care will ensure its long lasting performance. Lumber fence is much easy to install compare to steel, stone or brick fences and overall installation cost of wood fence is significantly lower.

low-stone-fence-with-bigger-rocks-on-top Low stone fence with bigger rocks on top

Simple low stone fence around residential property. Stone fence is typically harder and longer to build compare to other fencing options, but stone is one of the most long lasting and durable material. It is not the cheapest fencing option, but proper installed and maintained stone fence is always a great addition to any property.

Fort-Michilimackinac-wood-fence-view-from-Mackinac-Bridge Old wood fence around the Fort Michilimackinac

Fort Michilimackinac - wood fence around historic landmark. Built in 1715 fort was surrounded by wood fence, a very typical type of construction material in 18th century.

Portable plastic fence

Typical event fencing style. Yellow barrier to mark designated areas. Lightweight, long-lasting plastic sections do not require attachment to the ground, easy to install and could be simply relocated in minutes.

custom-welded-metal-gates-on-yellow-stucco-finished-pillars Custom made metal gates

Meatal fence and custom welded gates. Stucco finished yellow pillars made to match with exterior house design. Brown painted gates and decorative lights are great style combination and look good with existing landscaping.

wood-fence-design-ideas-grey-privacy-fence Wood fence painted grey on metal posts

Dark grey wood fence with lattice sections on top. Long lasting metal posts painted in black color to prevent it from corrosion. Typical for city, very simple privacy fence design.

stucco-finished-solid-fence-design-ideas Stucco finished solid fence

Orange stucco finished solid privacy fence in combination with light stucco finished pillars. Decorative lights on top of pillars create unique custom fence look.

horizontal-and-vertical-wood-fence-with-metal-gates-combination Wood fence with metal gates

Wood is a great low cost solution for building residential privacy fences. Lumber could be incorporated into any fence design and perfectly match with and other fence material. Solid concrete pillars easily hold heavier metal gates.

low-white-picket-fence-with-beautiful-landscaping Low white picket fence with beautiful landscaping

Combination of low picket fence with hedge. Amazing landscaping and white front porch nicely match property design. A great fence style for warmer climates.

black-wood-horizontal-fence-on-metal-posts Black wood horizontal fence on metal posts

Horizontal wood boards painted black and secured on metal posts. Fence adequately incorporated into property contemporary design.

wide-horizontal-wood-boards-on-brick-pillars Wide horizontal wood boards on brick pillars

Wide horizontal wood boards mounted on brick pillars. A great privacy and security fence design around residential property. Wood fence is a proper match to any house design.

hedge-fence-with-evergreen-trees Hedge fence with evergreen trees

Combination of hedge with evergreen plants and tall trees. Typical privacy live structure in warm climates.

metal-fence-around-commercial-property Metal fence around commercial property

Metal security fence installed around commercial property. Metal posts mounted in concrete foundation for maximum construction strength. Length of pickets extended with horizontal anti-climb wire for increasing fence’s security purpose.

custom-fence-with-stylish-posts-and-steel-sections Custom fence with stylish posts and steel sections

Custom designed residential fence. Steel section painted in black color mounted on tree stem posts. Stylish fence design.

old-three-horizontal-rails-fence Old three horizontal rails fence

Old style fence design. Three round wood logs installed horizontally on wood posts.

residential-steel-fence-painted-red Steel fence painted red

Steel fence sections welded on steel posts. Residential fence with sharp tops painted in red color.

steel-fence-sections-mounted-on-brick-pillars Steel sections mounted on brick pillars

Red brick pillars with concrete tops support steel section. Simple fence around apartment building.

simple-steel-fence-painted-brown Simple steel fence painted brown

Simple fence sections welded on steel posts. Steel fence painted in brown color.

steel-fence-on-concrete-foundation Steel fence on concrete foundation

Steel fence with sharp tops installed on top of concrete foundation base. Simple residential fence design.

metal-fence-on-bridge Metal fence on bridge

Three metal tubes installed horizontally and welded on metal posts serve as a security barrier on pedestrian bridge.

old-style-decorative-wood-fence Old style decorative wood fence

Stylish old style fence on wood posts. Unusual fence type is a perfect solution for creating unique landscaping design.

custom-made-steel-fence-with-glass Custom made steel fence with glass

Combination of steel fence with glass section. Custom fence around open outdoor eating place. Stylish fence design.

custom-welded-steel-fence Custom welded steel fence

Custom made steel fence around multileveled apartment building. Unusual fence style.

fence with steel gates painted black in combination with stones Fence with steel gates painted black

Typical residential fence with steel gates in combination with stones. Welded steel fence and posts painted in black color.

simple-lattice-wood-fence-painted-white Simple lattice wood fence painted white

Simple and easy to install lattice fence on wood posts. Lattice wood fence painted in white color.

white vinyl farm fence White vinyl farm fence

Very common for installation around agricultural land fence. White vinyl farm fence design.

three rails fence with metal screen Three rails fence with metal screen

Three horizontal rails installed on wood posts. Very typical fence design for applications in agricultural and residential properties as well as perfectly suitable for public places.

stylish screen on metal fence Stylish screen on metal fence

Metal frame of each fence section painted in red color. Custom privacy screen makes unique look to the whole fence. Unusual stylish fence design.

steel fence painted in silver metallic color Steel fence painted in silver metallic color

Steel fence installed on top of low concrete blocks wall. To prevent from corrosion and creating unique look steel painted in nice silver metallic color.

steel bars fence contemporary design Steel bars fence

Modern fence style. Horizontally secured steel bars are a perfect solution for creating contemporary fence design.

pressure treated lumber fence decorated with flowers Decorated lumber fence

Easy to build, pressure treated lumber fence installed in public place. Fence decorated with flowers in pots.

older fence made from concrete blocks Older fence made from concrete blocks

Older fence made from concrete blocks is durable and long lasting solution for any type of properties. It might not be cheapest option, but it certainly worth to consider fence idea.

nice low garden fence Nice low garden fence

Small metal sections assemble into fence. Such fence is a perfect option for gardens or yards. Easy to reinstall you can simply move the fence in different place without damaging it.

metal pipes horizontal fence Metal pipes horizontal fence

Different diameters pipes horizontally installed on metal post. Unusual, but extremely durable and stylish fence design.

metal fence installed on top of concrete walkway Metal fence concrete walkway

Metal section welded together and securely mounted on top of concrete slab. Typically installed in public place type of a fence can be used for installation around residential properties. The cost of welded steel fence much higher compare to pressure treated wood option and installation without posts require pouring solid concrete slab.

metal fence covered by green plants Metal fence covered by green plants

Metal fence in combination with green plants which create perfect privacy barrier. Stylish fence design ideas.

lumber fence with green plants Lumber fence with green plants

Solid lumber logs might be used for creating stylish fences, security barriers or building various types of outdoor structures.

horizontal steel fence on the bridge Horizontal steel fence on the bridge

Three horizontally install steel plates fence. Typical fence design in public places can be suitable for residential properties applications.

horizontal fence with green plants on wood pillars Horizontal fence with green plants on wood pillars

Custom made wood fence. Horizontally installed lumber boards stained in brown color. Green plants planted on top of wood pillars. Nice and stylish fence design.

double chain fence on metal posts Double chain fence on metal posts

Two chains painted in black color horizontally hung on metal posts. Very simple decorative fence design. Typical garden fence style.

concrete brick fence combination Concrete brick fence combination

Low residential fence design ideas. Combination of concrete and brick on fence. Custom designed durable fence solution.

concrete balustrades fence Concrete balustrades fence

Extremely durable permanent fence design. Concrete balustrades in combination with solid concrete pillars are very typical safety barriers in public places, across walkways or bridges.

commercial chain link fence with screen Commercial chain link fence with screen

Temporary fence typically installed around construction sites. Chain link fence in combination with black privacy screen is easy to assemble structure.

combination of steel fence with hedge Combination of steel fence with hedge

Nice combination of steel fence painted in black color with hedge planted behind the fence.

chain link fence on top of concrete blocks wall Chain link fence on top of concrete blocks wall

Chain link fence installed on top of solid wall built with concrete blocks. Such type of fence is very typical in commercial application.

brick fence with metal gate Brick fence with metal gate

Stylish brick fence with concrete sills on top. Extended brick pillars on both sides of gate have custom designed concrete element for creating unique fence look. Round top steel gate painted in black color.

brick fence with green plants on steel sections Brick fence with green plants on steel sections

Red brick fence with steel sections and live plants. Decorative lights installed on brick pillars. Incorporation of few elements into fence design will always bring fresh, new and unique look to any residential fence. Steel sections mounted to brick pillars are durable and green plants create unique fence design.

brick fence with concrete sills on top Brick fence with concrete sills on top

Concrete sills on top of brick fence serve not only as decorative element, but protect brick from absorbing excessive amount of water. Green plant on top of a fence is always a great “live” addition to design.

brick fence with concrete balusters Brick fence with concrete balusters

Precast concrete balustrade installed on top of brick foundation is one of the most durable fence options. Paying more for installation of such fence you will save in a long run because combination of brick and concrete will last for many years with very little maintenance.

beautiful hedge in the park Beautiful hedge in the park

Hedge is a great solution to use as a fence option. Even though it require constant maintenance green plants looks amazing. Thuja or other cypress family trees are among most popular species used in creating hedge fences.

stylish-stone-fence-with-concrete-sills Stylish stone fence with concrete sills

Nice combination of stone fence with concrete sills on top. Durable and long lasting fence design.
Low stone fence built as a security barrier for pedestrians across the bridge.

wood-security-barrier-on-metal-posts Wood security barrier on metal posts

Security barrier for pedestrians build with lumber and installed on metal posts. Typical public roads and walkways fence style.

lumber-fence-on-wood-bridge Lumber fence on wood bridge

Fence securely mounted to the wood posts on the pedestrian walkway through the bridge. Typical for parks and recreation areas fence design.

three-horizontal-rails-wood-fence Three horizontal rails wood fence

Wood fence installed in recreation area on lake shore. Easy to build and relatively inexpensive agricultural type of a fence.

lumber-fence-in-combination-with-hedge Lumber fence in combination with hedge

Simple fence built from lumber in combination with hedge. Typical, easy to build, public places fence design.

bamboo-fence Bamboo fence

Stylish bamboo fence with lattice wood on top. Bamboo gate installed on 6” x 6” wood posts. Untraditional, not a typical fence design.

custom-made-stylish-fence Custom made stylish fence

Extraordinary custom designed fence with multiple elements. Stylish fence with wood pillars inside which planted live plants. Custom welded and painted in black color steel section close open space between each pillar.

stylish-steel-fence-with-brick-pillars Stylish steel fence with brick pillars

Decorative steel sections with additional posts in the middle installed on brick pillars. Steel elements painted in black color. Each pillar finished with custom shaped decorative element for creating unique fence design.
Building brick fence pillars and welding steel normally not a do it yourself project and such fence typically cost much more compare to installation of simple wood fence.

wood-fence-with-lattice-gates Wood fence with lattice gates

Lattice panels gates and fence installed on wood posts painted in white color. Easy to build low wood fence design in combination with wide gate to the house entrance stairs.

wood-picket-fence-with-metal-gate Wood picket fence with metal gate

Wood fence elements including posts and pickets painted in red-orange color. Gate made from steel and painted in black color. Attractive and nice looking combination on different materials on fence and gate. Stylish and at the same time simple fence design.

wood-picket-fence-painted-white Wood picket fence painted white

Picket fence painted in white color. Simple gate installed on custom shaped wood posts. Standard, easy to install, fence with no custom elements in design.

metal-fence-hedge-combination Metal fence with hedge combination

Steel fence painted in black color. Hedge added as an additional element to fence design.
Steel is extremely durable material and require minimum maintenance after installation, but live plants have to be taken care for periodically.

steel-fence-with-brick-pillars Steel fence with brick pillars

Huge brick pillars with concrete decorative pots for green plant. Actual steel fence installed on concrete foundation and mounted to pillars. Extremely durable, but not easy to build fence.

wood-fence-with-horizontal-and-vertical-boards Simple painted wood fence

Wood fence made from separate sections and painted in brown color. Simple and easy to build fence design. Fence sections easer have horizontally or vertically installed boards.
The whole fence installed on concrete slab with no digging involved and simply restricts pedestrians from trespassing the property.

double-fence-electric-wood Double fence electric wood

First electric fence restricts larger animals in the zoo from leaving their habitats. Second fence mark walkways for pedestrians, but still have durable construction. Such style not a type of residential fences commonly used nowadays, but designed for specific purpose.

wavy-wood-fence Wavy wood fence

Wavy top of simple wood fence makes big difference in overall fence design.
Wood fence is relatively easy to build and it typically cost much less compare to building steel or brick fence.

animals-barrier-fence-in-zoo Animals barrier fence in zoo

Four split rails followed by five horizontally installed rails on wood posts. Between rails space closed with metal net to prevent animals from getting out from their “habitats”. Extremely durable fence construction for security purpose.

wood-fence-with-sharp-top Wood fence with sharp top

Wood fence with gates. Sharp fence top make the fence a great security barrier. Easy to build stylish privacy fence design.
Wood is very easy to work with fencing material And simple lumber fence can be easily build by handy homeowners with minimum construction skills and experience.

animals-barrier-fence Animals barrier fence

Simple net fence installed in the zoo to mark pedestrian’s walkways and restrict some animals from getting out from their places. Not a residential properties fence style.

unusually-simple-agricultural-fence Unusually simple agricultural fence

Stylish old days type of a fence installed in the park. Very basic fence style. As found in forest wood used for assembling primitive fence to mark borders or even prevent animals from reaching certain areas. Uncommon design for nowadays residential properties.

older-logs-fence-on-bridge-sides Older logs fence on bridge sides

Fence installed in the zoo.
Not a residential property fence type. Two horizontal logs with durable net in between do not limit any visibility or prevent visitors from area observation, but protect pedestrian from stepping out of the bridge.

three-horizontal-logs-bridge-fence Three horizontal logs bridge fence

Tree horizontal rails installed on the wood posts. Rigid fence construction on pedestrian’s bridge. Not a typical for residential properties fence style, but very popular type of fence in parks, zoos and recreation areas.

horizontal-three-rail-farm-fence Horizontal three rail farm fence

Three rails secured on lumber posts. Very simple fence construction.
Farm or agricultural fence is very easy to install. Normally it is cheapest fencing option and the most time consuming part in the whole building process is digging holes for supporting posts.

horizontal-boards-wood-fence-on-bridge Horizontal boards wood fence on bridge

Fence on the bridge made from 5 horizontal boards which are secured to 6” x 6” wood posts.
Wood is one of the most popular materials for building various outdoor structures including fences. With proper maintenance hardwood lumber will last for many years.

stylish-metal-fence-with-brick-pillars Stylish metal fence with brick pillars

Welded steel sections installed on metal posts. Brick pillars decorated with concrete balls on top. Durable and long lasting fence construction.
Building 30 -40 feet of custom made fence will take at least 4 - 5 days. Steel has to be proper prepared and painted after on-site welding completed otherwise corrosion will developed on its surface.

red-wood-fence-with-man-silhouettes Red wood fence with man silhouettes

Wood fence with gate painted in red color and custom decorated with silhouettes of two men.
Building 12’ – 14’ feet simple lumber fence is an easy one day project for two carpenters. Ordering custom shaped figures might not be as cheap as it seems. Typically making decorating fence elements will be price separately from building a fence.

wood-fence-stained-simple-design Wood fence stained simple design

Very typical front yard wood fence installed on 4” x 4” posts and stained in brown color. Wavy top of fence helps to create specific style.
Typically, crew of three able to build 25 – 30 feet of simple 48” high fence in one day after posts are installed. Stain application is an easy task and can be successfully completed as do-it-yourself project.

brick-posts-low-wood-fence-grey Brick posts low wood fence grey

Wood fence installed on brick pillars and painted in grey color. Fence pickets have different dimensions for creating unique style.
Brick is one of the best materials for building outdoor structures including fence pillars. It is more expensive compare to pressure-treated lumber and takes longer to install, but besides higher life expectancy it has much better appearance.

decorative-steel-fence-painted-black Decorative steel fence painted black

Custom made steel fence installed on solid concrete foundation and painted in black color. Wavy stylish top creates unique design.
After welding steel surface has to be primed and painted in order not to be susceptible to corrosion.

two-levels-hedge-with-chain-link-fence Two levels hedge with chain link fence

Green plants fully covered chain link fence. Higher hedge planted behind chain link fence and creates unique stylish design.
Chain link fence is one of the cheapest fencing options and very easy to install. Hedge, at the same time, require higher maintenance especially during active grows period. Cutting and making desire hedge fence shape should be done at least a few times a year.

solid-privacy-fence-with-gate Solid privacy fence with gate

Privacy fence in the form of solid wall finished with stucco to match with exterior house design. Entrance to property made in the form of arch and wood gate mounted on fence post.
Such fence type is not a cheap option and many homeowners with no constructions experience are not able to install and finish custom fence properly.

corner-hedge-fence Corner hedge fence

Nicely done landscaping work with creation of a simple garden hedge fence. Buxus sempervirence is commonly used plant in landscaping. It is requiring frequently care and making a shape of live hedge should be done a few times a year. For homeowners who like garden work hedge is a perfect choice for fence.

natural-stone-fence Natural stone fence

Stone is one of the most durable materials used for building fences. Solid stone wall will not only secure the property, but has nice natural look.
Building stone fence might be an extremely costly idea and not many homeowners choose such material mainly because of high price.

two-horizontal-logs-fence Two horizontal logs fence

Typical horizontal logs fence with metal net in between logs. Durable fence construction serves as a security barrier in the park. Such style is not a typical fence design for installation around residential properties unless it is agricultural land.

stone-blocks-fence-with-hedge Stone blocks fence with hedge

Decorative blocks fence is an extremely durable and long lasting structure. Concrete blocks could be used for multiple purposes including building fences, but it normally cost for using such product much higher compare to pressure-treated wood.

split-rail-fence Split rail fence

Two horizontal rails fence is very easy to build and normally installed around agricultural properties or parks. Normally it doesn’t have long life span, but it is very cheap option to mark borders or protect land from larger animals.

decorative-stone-fence Decorative stone fence

Proper installed stone fence nearly unsusceptible to any outdoor conditions and will last decades with minimum care. But with all pros stone fence possess there is one huge minus – cost. Building quality stone fence could be 10x more expensive compare to using pressure-treated lumber.

white-metal-fence White metal fence

Metal fence installed or railing installed on the sides of a bridge as a security barrier. There is no welding involved as fences on the bridges have to be assembled using rivets. To protect surface from corrosion metal fence painted in white color.

wood-fence-semi-privacy-painted Wood fence semi privacy painted

Typical residential semi-privacy wood fence installed on 6” x 6” lumber posts. Paint application helps the wood withstand outdoor weather condition better.
Wood is one of the easiest materials to work with and building 35 – 40 feet of simple pressure-treated lumber fence normally is one day project for an experienced crew.

custom-designed-brick-fence Custom designed brick fence

Custom designed brick fence in combination with stylish rounded blocks incorporated into fence design. Fence top finished with concrete sills.
Brick fence is not easy and, most of all, cheap to build. Prior to go up adequate foundation has to be made in order to support heavy bricks set on mortar. Accounting mason’s salary and materials expenses cost of fence made from brick significantly higher compare wood fences.

combination-of-steel-and-wood-on-the-fence Combination of steel and wood on the fence

Welded steel fence with gates painted in black color. Wood section incorporated into fence design for creating unique look.
Steel is one of the most durable materials for building outdoor structures including fences and gates. It will typically cost more compare to installation standard pressure-treated lumber fence, but stylish design makes ornamental steel fence very attractive to many homeowners.

concrete-fence-painted-red Concrete fence painted red

Solid concrete fence with wavy top. Decorative steel elements incorporated into fence design and extend total height of fence. Red concrete paint applied on the concrete surface. Very durable and still stylish fence construction.
Building 40 – 45 feet of concrete fence might take up to one week to complete. Painting can be done only after concrete is dry not just cured to 65% - 70% of its strength.

custom-built-solid-brick-fence Custom built solid brick fence

Custom designed solid brick fence. Wavy fence style with extended pillars finished with concrete sills.
Brick set on mortar is a great choice for building many outdoor structures. Installation of 50 - 55 feet of brick fence might take longer than one week for a crew of three and the building cost normally few times higher compare to installation lumber fence on wood posts.

custom-made-fence-in-combination-with-hedge Custom made fence in combination with hedge

Concrete foundation painted in black color with steel fence welded on top. Nice shaped hedge behind fence creates stylish fence style. Combination of three different materials on a single fence.
Custom designed fence might be costly option to build, but irregularity is what many homeowners are looking for.

custom-designed-metal-fence-on-concrete-foundation Custom designed metal fence on concrete foundation

Steel fence welded into separate section from sheet metal and installed on steel posts. Whole fence painted in black color. Solid concrete foundation secure fence posts firmly. Decorative element added on the top of each steel section.
Prefabricated in the metal shop steel sections require minimum on-site work, but overall cost of such fence might not be cheapest solution.

brick-fence-with-concrete-blocks-and-lights-on-pillars Brick fence with concrete blocks and lights on pillars

Custom designed brick fence installed on concrete foundation. Decorative concrete blocks installed in between fence pillars. Top on the fence finished with concrete sills. Extremely durable fence construction. Decorative lights mounted on top each pillar makes the fence look beautiful at night time.

simple-low-wood-fence Simple low wood fence

Simple and easy to install with wavy top wood fence. Wood is one of the most popular materials for building fences. Up to 4’ high pickets are very light and such fence can be easily built by handy homeowners over the weekend.

steel-fence-with-decorative-elements Steel fence with decorative elements

Metal fence installed on steel posts. Decorative elements added to fence design. Very durable and long lasting fence type.
After on-site welding steel has to be primed and painted in order to protect surface from corrosion.

white-vinyl-fence-with-metal-gates White vinyl fence with metal gates

Stylish prefabricated vinyl fence in combination with aluminum gates. Vinyl is a perfect option for using as fencing material because it doesn’t rot and unsusceptible to corrosion. At the same time aluminum is not a heavy material and many homeowners even able to manage installation of such fence as do it yourself project.

stylish-simple-brick-fence-design Stylish simple brick fence design

Custom designed pattern used for laying bricks while building a fence. One solid row of bricks follow by one row with every other brick space left open. The fence doesn’t really restrict visibility to the property but still it perfectly serves its security purpose.

horizontal-boards-wood-fence-with-gate Horizontal boards wood fence with gate

Simple and easy to build fence using longer wood boards horizontally secured to wood posts. For extending fence longevity exterior paint applied on wood surface.
Crew of 3 can easily build 30 – 35 feet of wood fence and simple gate in one day after fence posts are installed. Painting is uncomplicated task and can be done as do it yourself project.

hedge-with-chain-link-fence-combination Hedge with chain link fence combination

Beautiful plants surround simple chain link fence. Even though aluminum chain link fence doesn’t really require any maintenance after installation, green plants have to be trimmed and shaped regularly. Such fence is a great option for homeowners who love garden work and able to take care about hedge fence properly.