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What is the safest flooring coverage for small children


Why parents concern about a flooring coverage in their homes

If you are new parents or have toddlers at home then you might wonder which flooring materials are right to have in your house to make it save for them. Small kids put everything in their mouths. Therefore, it is very likely that after crawling on the floor your child may lick his fingers. This is mainly because they learn what is around them by tasting everything. Mouth is the most sensitive organ they have. That’s why don’t be too surprised if you see that your child start licking the floor surface someday. In addition, the type of floor coverage is also important if you are worry about air freshness in your house as well.

Which choices of flooring materials are safe to have in your house

The most important thing about flooring when you have a newborn or infant at home is whether it is hygienic, not too cold and harsh under feet. Examples of hygienic types of flooring materials are hardwood and softwood, cork, laminate, vinyl, or tile. Harshness of the floor plays especial role if you have a baby home. Such unfortunate saying - accidents do happens and your infant might fall from the bed and bump his head. Therefore, it is necessary to balance sometimes between what is nice to have and what is really safe for the child. On the other hand, floor installation is pretty much a big investment to make, especially if you choose hardwood for any family and any budget. Therefore, homeowners should consider refreshing the existing floor before buying a new one.


If you have hardwood or softwood already installed it might be a good idea to try refinishing the floor first in order to refresh its look and remove scratches and dents that build up dust and dirt. Hardwood is a very long lasting flooring material and can serve you a lifetime with little maintenance required. It is easy to clean and therefore safe for your children. In addition, it is warm in winter and cool in summer time which makes it especially perfect choice for bedrooms and living rooms.


Laminate is also hygienic floor option which can last depending on its quality from 10 to over 50 years. The only drawback might be that it cannot be refinished and therefore with some time it loses its appearance.


Homeowners should consider having the flooring option especially in the play room. It might be even a good option for kitchen. This is a natural hygienic flooring material which is very soft and comfortable under feet. Even if your child falling a lot while trying to walk or cruising, he still will be safe on the floor coverage. You can install it even in rooms on the lower floor of your house if you live in the area where flooded basements are not an issue.


This is synthetic flooring coverage that is easier to clean and normally doesn’t require much of maintenance. It might make a good choice to have that on your kitchen or hallway. The only issues that might arise with the time are appearance and lifespan, but due to lower cost comparing to other flooring materials it might be a good solution for many families.


Tile as a flooring material is hard and cold under feet, therefore generally it is not recommended to install it in the kids’ bedroom even if tile installers reassure you that this type of floor can be install anywhere in the house. However, for bathrooms it is still good option because you will be there with your child all the time and area rags will be sufficient enough to feel comfortable.


Carpet is not hygienic flooring option, but it is soft and safe for your kids especially when they fall. If you have carpet in your living room you can leave it there just make it clean or replace old with new one.