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Clean carpet or replace


Carpet is very beautiful, affordable and durable floor covering compare to some other flooring options, such as hardwood, bamboo, or laminate. Homeowners like and install carpet a lot because it doesn’t require much of maintenance other than regular vacuuming and can perform for many years. However, with a time dust will build inside of it, walking in shoes or any accidental spills might damage it surface significantly. In addition, carpets have more abuse in families with children and/or pets. All of these conditions will lead you eventually to the decision to clean it or replace whether with a new carpet or other type of flooring materials.

Cleaning will save you money

Usually carpet cleaning won’t cost you much. The cost of cleaning depends on how big the area or how many rooms should be cleaned. You might get even a better deal if cleaning guys won’t have to move furniture or anything else from the rooms. So, if you have some spare time it is better to prepare the rooms yourself and let cleaning people to do the rest.

Each home has certain areas which are all the time dirtier than others. Therefore, if you decide to clean the carpet it doesn’t necessary mean that you should do all rooms, just pick few that have to be cleaned the most. Potentially you can try to do it yourself, but in most cases this process doesn’t worth your efforts and time spent.

It is not recommended though to go with the lowest price you can possibly find to do the work. You might be really disappointed with the performance of cheap workers. It is frustrating when you realize after such cleaners left your house that they didn’t do pretty much anything but made your carpet wet.

Replacement of the carpet

It will be definitely costly alternative compare to just a cleaning option, but worth to consider. If you take a close look your carpet won’t look as new anyway no matter how good it was cleaned. In addition, it depends on how many years the floor covering served already. Some old carpets might not be worth even to be cleaned. Even if cleaning costs you not much, it is still not wise to waste your money on the project that won’t satisfy you anyway.

In cases where it is not worthwhile to do anything about old carpets homeowners change those with new ones in order to bring a fresh look to the room or match some new design in case of complete remodeling. Sometimes homeowners just want to replace carpet instead of cleaning it because they got tired from old one and want changes.

Carpet replacement with other flooring options

There are lots of floor alternatives to carpet for any budget. In the living room where you used to have carpet covering it might be suitable to install bamboo flooring, for example. Bamboo is comfortable to feet and pretty much durable to withstand some scratches even from pets. You might go with laminate; it has also decent look and is hard flooring material. Actually the choice will depend a lot on your particular situation, budget, and needs.