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How to knit a scarf for a man


Yarn - Red Heart Soft (color - Charcoal gray) / worsted 4 / Net Weight - 113 g / 212 yds (194 m) / 1.5 balls needed
Needles - 29 in. long circular needles US 5
Scarf Length - 85 inches
Complexity - Easy

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Men’s scarf knitting pattern
Step-by-step knitting instructions
Step 1
Cast on 22 stitches on two needles in order to make the loops bigger. That way it will be easier to knit the first row.
Remove one needle.
1st row (right side) – knit all stitches to end
2nd row (wrong side) –, purl all stitches to end
3rd row –, k to end
4th row –, p to end
1st row (right side) –, [p1, k1] to last one st; p1
2nd row –, [*, k1] to last one st; p1
*keep yarn in front of your work
Alternate 1st and 2nd rows for 12 rows.
Step 4
1st row –, k to end
2nd row –, p to end
Step 5
1st row (right side) –, [yo,**, k1] to last one st; k1
**keep yarn behind your work
2nd row –, [p1, p st and loop together] to last 1st; p1
3rd row –, [k1, yo,**] to last one st; k1
4th row –, [p st and loop together, p1] to last 1st; p1
Repeat the above till you reach the desired length of the scarf.
Step 6
Repeat steps 4, 3, and 2.
Step 7
Cast off, secure, and hide the tail of the yarn. I used all the yarn up for the scarf. However, it might not be your case and you may need to cut the yarn after casting off and then secure it.


[ ] - repeat
k – knit
p – purl – slip stitch
st – stitch
yo – yarn over


Knit a scarf for a man


If you end your 2nd row with

If you end your 2nd row with purl a regular stitch with a loop together, this means that you started your 1st row (step 5) incorrectly. If you would start your 1st row with skip1, (make a loop, skip 1), then at the end of the 2nd row, you would work p2tog what is in ( ) and purl the very last loop that you skipped at the very beginning of your 1st row. Hope this will help.

Hi! I love your pattern, but

Hi! I love your pattern, but I have a problem with my project as it keeps curling in. Is there a way to solve it?

Also, everytime you mention skipping a stitch, do you mean purl wise or knit wise?

Best regards!

Hi GiselleHoo,

Hi GiselleHoo,
I wanted the scarf to curl in, I've design it to be that way. You may add two extra sts, one to the beginning of a row and one to the very end of a row. Work the pattern the same way, but knit one extra st at the very beg. of a row and knit 1 st at the very end of a row.
You may watch the video starting from about 4:23 to see that for the step 3 - 2nd row (wrong side), I put the yarn in front of my work. For the step 5 - 1st row (right side), I put the yarn behind of my work. Happy knitting!

Thank you very much Sana. One

Thank you very much Sana. One more question, if I were to extend the scarf to a greater width, is your cast on stitches multiples of 4 plus 2?

Hi GiselleHoo,

Hi GiselleHoo,
To make the scarf wider, you may cast on any even number of sts or multiples of 2. Happy knitting!


here is my sweater

Hi peiqiyio,

Hi peiqiyio,
A knit stitch on the right side looks a purl stitch on the wrong side. So, when you work your wrong side, skip all purl stitches and knit all knit stitches. You may watch the video how I skipped stitches.
I've attached a chart of the 2 row pattern. The 2nd row is shown as a mirror reflection how you see it from the right side of the scarf. Happy crochet!