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How to get rid of flab around the neck and double chin - lose neck fat


What causes flab around the neck?

Neck fat problem is very common for many women especially after thirty. People normally develop some flab around the body part because of aging, weight or health problems, and genetic features. In addition, you might potentially gain your neck problems by sleeping without a pillow or by having wrong standing posture. Talk to your doctor about what causes the fat depositon and what should help in your particular case in order to lose the stubborn fatty hump.

There are many methods and exercises exist on how to get rid of the double chin and fat neck. However, it is pretty much only one solution to the problem by dieting, neck/chin exercises and overall physical activities.

Importance of losing weight

If you lose some weight, your face and neck will be thinner as well. Therefore, it is very important to change your lifestyle and implement a certain calorie diet that you can carry on for life. You should realize that no matter which diet you choose or create your own, the hardest part is to keep on going. You need to be prepared that with some time your motivation about losing weight might not be as strong as you just started working on your body. So, it is better to keep constantly in your fridge and kitchen pantry fat burning foods, such as citrus and tomatoes. Other healthy choices for your losing weight fight might be fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry, fish, etc... It is essential to limit your calories intake to the reasonable point in order to get rid of pounds gradually and safely.

Normally people start to eat more because of bad mood, problems at home or work, frustration, hormonal change, bad influence (environment), and developing wrong eating habits. You should know yourself and don’t let ups and downs to occur in your diet in order not to stress yourself and your body out.

On the other hand, you should not go on extremes and not intake anything because it will do to your body more harm than good things anyway. Everything supposed to be according to your diet plans (how much you want or need to lose weight) or very close to that. You should also have some understanding of the process of fat deposition in your body which can help you set your weight loss goals. You can reach them by satisfying your thirst and hunger only with low calories drinks and food by choosing right portions.

Importance of physical activity

If you wish to get rid of fat neck and double chin, it is necessary to tone your muscles and perform some physical exercises daily. They are not suppose to be hard or you shouldn’t ware yourself out, just do what you can and try to increase the workouts slowly by slowly. In addition, it is important to change your activities from time to time. You can choose any cardio exercises and do them as many as you can, they are safe and good for your body overall.

In order to improve your neck look in particular, you need to do neck and chin exercises many times a day if you want to get faster results. Put your hand under the chin by making some gentle pressure and try to bend the head forward, left, and right. If you feel like you don’t have time for that you can do it while doing other things, such as taking shower, talking on the phone, or playing with your kids and/or pets (if any).

Medical Disclaimer

The author is not a doctor and the information in the article is general in nature with no medical advises given or imply. Talk to your doctor, nurse or medical advisor how to treat health related problems.