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How to flat women’s belly - lose belly fat


All people no matter whether they are slim or not fight with abdominal fat. This is very common problem for almost any women and men. It is very hard to eliminate stomach fat fast and sometimes seems like nearly impossible to do it especially when you are after forties. It is even more difficult to lose belly fat after pregnancy.

If a woman wants to achieve the desired result she should have patience and don’t expect that it happens right away. In addition, your strong motivation is required as well. In most cases the key to reducing your abdominal fat is in eating fewer calories than you burn. Even if it sounds like obvious, but when you lose overall weight your stomach will flatten also. Therefore, combination of proper diet and physical exercises is one magic solution to the losing fat from the body as a whole. Normally people are less successful if they use only one method whether diet or exercises compare to those who combine them together.

To go on a diet doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat anything. You need to intake varied and balanced food in order to have needed energy for the day. However, you should consume fare only in small portions and not frequently (no more than every two hours). If in a half an hour after a meal you still feel hungry, just try to drink not sweet beverages or have some very small snack. Be careful with snacking, though, because they are high in calories even in small amounts.

Other thing is how to know which physical activities will work best for reducing belly fat. There is no one method which will work for everyone the same way, but most common and highly used are following:

- Dancing (It is important to dance at least few minutes a day because combination of different movements and shaking do magic for your body in relatively short period of time. In addition, music will stimulate your movements and by changing it frequently you won’t get tired soon. This is like a relaxing workout; you will burn your calories while enjoying songs of your favorite singers.)

- Running (It is good to run or jog every day because you stimulate your blood circulation. Don’t take too hard if you didn’t exercise for a while. Let your muscles to acclimate to this activity. Increase your distances slowly. Make a schedule of your running and don’t skip because you might not make yourself do it again for a long period of time. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of your belly fat after pregnancy, but plan to breastfeed your child then you should ask your doctor when you can start to run and whether it is safe or wise in your particular case.)

- Strengthening your abs (To burn stomach fat women should perform some abdominal muscle hypertrophy training. Despite the benefits that workouts might bring you, it is safe and wise to perform them carefully. Before doing the sit-up you should warm up a little bit in order not to put too much of stress on the back muscles and spine. If sit-up exercise is too hard for you then do crunches instead or bicycle exercise or combination of both. Lie on your back or sit in the chair and "pedal" in the air as long as you able to.)

- Yoga (Even if it seems like not for everyone, but it is very good option to consider because some of the goals of yoga is improving your health, mood, and body shape. Through yoga meditations you are discipline yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually which might help you to strengthen your motivation as well.)

Medical Disclaimer

The author is not a doctor and the information in the article is general in nature with no medical advises given or imply. Talk to your doctor, nurse or medical advisor how to treat health related problems.