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How to crochet slippers for a man


Yarn - Red Heart / medium 4 / Net Weight - 198 g / 364 yds (333 m) / less than 1 ball needed
Hook - US I/9 (5.5 mm)
Slippers Size - US 8
Complexity - Easy

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Crochet men’s slippers
Step-by-step crochet instructions
Step 1
For the heel, create a foundation chain of 8 chain stitches plus 1 returning chain. Crochet with two yarns to make the fabric thicker.
Step 2
1st row - single crochet (SC) to end, at the end 2 returning chains.
2nd row - [back loop SC, front loop SC] to end and 2 returning chains.
3rd and 4th rows = 2nd row.
5th row - [back loop SC, front loop SC] to end plus 1 returning chain.
6 - 9 rows = 5th row.
Step 3
Crochet an edge
To make the edge for the small piece, work single crochet densely (this is important to prevent it from curling inwards) until you reach the 9th row again.
Step 4
Create about 23 new chain stitches from the last stitch depending on your foot circumference.
Step 5
Insert the hook into the very last stitch of the 9th row, grab the yarn, and pull it through the base stitch and the stitch that is lying on your hook. Before doing that, make sure that the chain is not twisted.
Step 6
Begin to crochet in round (10th row will now be your 1st round).
1st round - [back loop SC, front loop SC] to last 22 chain stitches, front loop decrease each time reusing the previous chain stitch* to end.
*You should do it like a regular decrease, but reuse the previous stitch each time that way your total number of stitches will be the same.
2 and 3 rounds = 1st round.
4th round - [back loop SC, front loop SC] to end of the slipper sole, decrease 1**, [back loop SC, front loop SC] to last 2 chain stitches and decrease 1.
**regular decrease - insert the hook into the second chain stitch from your hook, grab the yarn, and pull it through the stitch. You have two loops on your crochet hook. Insert the hook into the following stitch, grab the yarn, and pull it through again. After you created the two loops, do yarn over, and pull the yarn through the three stitches resulting in having one loop on your hook.
5th round - [back loop SC, front loop SC] to end.
6, 8, and 10 rounds = 4th round.
7, 9, and 11 rounds = 5th round.
12th round and all the rest rounds - decrease to end without any intervals.
Step 7
Cut the yarn, insert it inside of the slipper, and secure the tail of the yarn.
Step 8
For more comfort and better look, make a second sole.
Create a foundation chain of 25 chain stitches plus one returning chain.
1st round - SC 24, SC 2 in the last base 25th st***, SC to last one chain stitch, SC2 in the last st.
***On one base stitch, do 2 single crochets. That way you will increase 1 chain stitch in the round. It is necessary to add stitches on each arc side of the slipper sole to form a flat piece of garment. By adding stitches from the both sides, the fabric won’t bend or curl inwards.
2nd round - SC 2 in the 1st chain st., back loop SC for half of the round, SC 2 in 3 chain sts, back loop SC to last 2 stitches, SC 2 in the 2 last sts.
3rd round - SC 2 in two first chain sts, back loop SC for the half of the round again then add 4 chain stitches by reusing previous base sts. After that make just 4 chain sts. on each arc side of the slipper and work back loop SC on the flat parts of the slipper to the end of this round and 4th round. Add 2 stitches on each arc side for the last 5th round. The slipper sole should have an oval shape.
Note that your second slipper sole should be slightly bigger than the first one.
Step 9
Crochet or sew the second slipper sole to the slipper.
Step 10
Cut and secure the tail of the yarn.
Step 11
Repeat steps 1 – 10 for the other slipper.


Slippers crochet pattern


Hi Pioneer Woman,

Hi Pioneer Woman,
In the video (9:20), I counted 13 chain stitches and said to increase stitches to 36 chain stitches or 13 + 23 = 36. You may add 2 or more chain stitches depending on your gauge. Slippers should fit loosely. Happy crochet!