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Crochet summer hat


Yarn - Aunt Lydias crochet thread Fashion 3 / weight 1 super fine / 137 m (150 yd) / Less than 1.5 balls of the main color and less than 1 ball of the second color needed
Hook - 1 / 2.75 mm or other size hook needed for the gauge
Gauge - About dc21 in 4 inches (10 cm)
Complexity - Easy

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Women’s summer hat crochet pattern
Step-by-step crochet instructions
Step 1
Foundation chain
Make a foundation chain of 7 chains. Join it into a ring with the slip stitch.
Step 2
1st increase
1st round – ch3, dc13 into the ring plus into 3rd ch. after starting point
2nd round – ch3, dc1 into, inc1 to end +
3rd round – ch3, dc1 into, dc1, [inc1, dc1] to end +
4th round – ch3, dc1, inc1, [dc2, inc1] to end +
5th round – ch3, dc1 into, dc3, [inc1, dc3] to end +
6th round – ch3, dc1, inc1, [dc4, inc1] to end; dc2 +
7th round – ch3, dc3, inc1, [dc5, inc1] to end; dc1 +
8th round – ch3, dc5, inc1, [dc6, inc1] to end +
Step 3
Work the pattern without increasing chains
9th round – ch3, dc to end +
10 – 16 rounds = 9th round
17 – 20 rounds = 9th round (crochet with different color yarn)
Step 4
2nd increase
Begin to increase chains starting from the 8th round
21st round = 8th round
22nd round – ch3, dc1 into, dc7, [inc1, dc7] to end +
23rd round – ch3, dc1, inc1, [dc8, inc1] to end; dc6 +
24th round – ch3, dc3, inc1, [dc9, inc1] to end; dc5 +
25th round – ch3, dc5, inc1, [dc10, inc1] to end; dc4 +
26th round – ch3, dc7, inc1, [dc11, inc1] to end; dc3 +
27th round – ch3, dc9, inc1, [dc12, inc1] to end; dc2 +
Continue crocheting round using a different color yarn
28th round – ch3, dc11, inc1, [dc13, inc1] to end; dc1 +
29th round – ch3, dc13, inc1, [dc14, inc1] to end +
30th round – ch3, dc1 into, dc15, [inc1, dc15] to end +
31st round – ch3, dc1, inc1, [dc16, inc1] to end; dc14 +
Step 5
Work sc to end.
Cut the yarn and secure it.
Step 6
Shape the hat
Apply a fabric stiffener to make the hat rigid/hard.
Decorate it with one or more flowers.


ch – chain
dc – double crochet
inc – increase one chain – work dc2 into one base chain – slip stitch


Hat crochet chart


How to crochet summer sun protective hat



Hi, I really like this

Hi, I really like this pattern and I've decided to crochet two matching hats for me and my baby daughter before we go on a holiday in Thailand next month. My daughter is going to be 1 year old next month and could you please suggest the size of the crown and how many increases i should do? Thanks a million!!!

Hi Tima M,

Hi Tima M,
Thanks for the good question. For the 1 year old, I would work the pattern increasing chains for about 6 or 7 rounds depending on exact head circumference measurements and gauge/tension. Then I would crochet without increasing chains. After that, I'd repeat the last increase round that I worked and continue crocheting rounds increasing chains again. When you crochet hats for kids, leave some room for growth. Do not make it tight. Happy crocheting!

Hi just wanted to know if i

Hi just wanted to know if i wash my hat after i stiffed it with the potato starch solution, will the stiffener wash off also? Thanks in advance

HI jmeejred,

HI jmeejred,
No matter which fabric stiffener you apply, it will wash off after the very first wash. On labels of many sunhats you may read "Do not wash". You may wash this sun protective hat, but then it will be necessary to reapply the fabric stiffener.

Hi letacarr,

Hi letacarr,
Please specify what exactly is not clear in the written instruction or not correlate with the video tutorial. You are right all my video tutorials go with written instructions. At the bottom of the instruction you may find the chart to understand better how to work rounds. Happy crochet!

Hi GloriaL,

Hi GloriaL,
The very first round is just dc round. The 2nd round is an increase round. It is necessary to work one increase above each dc of previous round. For the 3rd round, work dc1 between each increase. For the 4th round, work dc2 between each increase and so on (look at the chart).