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Grey hair problems - how to get rid of grey hair


What causes hair to lose its color?

There are many reasons for that, but basically its all because of your hair loses its pigment which called melanin. Your doctor will tell you that hair is good and beautiful only if it healthy from the roots. If something going on with your overall health conditions, you are under the constant stress or have some minerals and vitamins deficiencies then your body might pay the price for that.

Some people even can say by looking only on the top of your head whether you are a vigor person or not. Especially for women it is so important to have nice looking hair because it indicates their beauty and youth. However, some individuals start to go grey as early as in their teen age. At first they notice one or a few grey, silver or white looking hair, but when they try to pull it out it seems like things are getting just worst and not better. They just see that more and more their heads turn white.

Some studies that were focused on human's greying processes show that when hair loses color with aging it might be related to a person’s genes. So, if the individual’s parents became grey early the chances are that the starts to go grey about in the same age.
Even though people understand that greying is inevitable process and all people earlier or later will have silver hair, but they seek constantly some possible ways to delay this happening. Individuals who really concern with their hair appearance find time to care about it and health overall. They try to eat varied and balance foods which contain proper amounts of proteins. Minerals and vitamins intake is also crucial in your wellbeing. It is especially important to read drug labels properly in order to make sure that you are getting right portion of vitamin B12 and A. It should be done, however, very carefully and wisely. It is a good idea to consult with your physician who can explain you that lack of daily vitamins needs in your body the same as their excess are harmful to your health.

People try to fight with their grey hair by buying different kinds of shampoos which just promise good results but in reality pretty much useless. Those beauty products just color your hair and once you stop using it your white hair will be very visible again and even seems like more in some cases.
Individuals who are really desperate about going grey even shave their heads completely. Whether you want do it or not just be cautious that it might not do much of a good either with graying hair in particular. Some people do it with hair loss problems.

Try to work no more as you absolutely have to and don’t take more stress than you can handle. It is recommended to have good night sleeps (at least 8 hours daily). Along with proper diet and vitamins intake you can use hair mask which help stimulate your scalp and improve the skin. Try to wear your hair lose whenever you can if you don’t have short haircut.

One of home remedies for such matter can be applying juice of garlic on your scalp few minutes before shower. It does have odor, but once you wash it out the smell will go as well.

Medical Disclaimer

The author is not a doctor and the information in the article is general in nature with no medical advises given or imply. Talk to your doctor, nurse or medical advisor how to treat health related problems.


I tried to use garlic on my

I tried to use garlic on my hair as you mentioned in your article and after I washed it out I really didn’t have any smell whatsoever. I feel like it does stimulate my scalp, but for how long I should apply the juice of garlic on my hair roots in order to see the result. Is it a preventive procedure or that may help with my already grey hair? Thank you for any help.

I also tried to use this

I also tried to use this rather odd method of preventing grey hair and I feel like I’m not greying as fast as I use to. However, I cannot say that it solved my problem completely. I also noticed that it seems like my hair start growing a little bit faster. In any case I’m a realistic person enough to understand that greying is a really inevitable process for any individual. I try different methods to delay my greying because I want it to happen later, not now when I’m not even thirty.