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Crochet shawl pattern


Yarn - Patons Lace (color: Bluebell) / fine 2 / 3 oz (85 g) / 498 yd (455 m) / about 3 balls needed
Hook - D/3 – 3.25 mm or other size hook needed for the gauge
Gauge - 4 repeats go into about 4 inches (10 cm)
Shawl Measurements - Width 62 inches (157.5 cm) and Length 30 inches (76 cm)
Complexity - Beginner friendly stitch

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Shell stitch shawl crochet pattern

Row-by-row crochet instructions

Make a foundation chain of 9 chains. Join it into a ring with a slip stitch.

1st row (right side) – ch4, (trc6, ch1, trc7) into the ring, RC6
2nd row (wrong side) – fp dc6*, ch4, fp dc6*, ch3, dc1 + RC4
3rd row – shell1, sc1 between 3rd and 4th dc of previous row, corner1, sc1 between 3rd and 4th dc of previous row, shell1, trc1 + RC6
4th row – fp dc6*, ch3, fp dc6*, ch4, (fp dc6*, ch3) x 2, dc1 + RC4
5th row – [shell1, sc1 between 3rd and 4th dc of previous row] to arch of 4chs; corner1, [sc1 between 3rd and 4th dc of previous row, shell1] to end; trc1 + RC6
6th row – [fp dc6*, ch3] to corner of previous row, fp dc6*, ch4, fp dc6*, [ch3, fp dc6*] to end; ch3, dc1 + RC4

Repeat the pattern starting from the row 5 until you crochet the desired size of the shawl.


[ ] – repeat
ch – chain
corner – (trc6, ch1, trc6) into arch of 4 chs
dc – double crochet
*fp dc – front post dc - work double crochets under front posts of trc of previous row
RC – returning chain
sc – single crochet
shell – (trc3, ch1, trc3) into an arch of 3 chs – slip stitch
trc – triple crochet


Shawl crochet pattern



Hi hamoore,

Hi hamoore,
I would use fine 2 or light 3 yarn. You may use any yarn you like. The pattern looks better using a thin yarn in my opinion. Happy crochet!