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How to crochet raglan sleeve cardigan


Yarn - Bernat Cotton-ish (color: Gun powder) / light 3 / 2.4 oz (70 g) / 282 yards (258 m) / about 4 balls needed
Hook - G/6 4.25mm, F/5 3.75 mm, and H/8 5mm or other crochet size hooks needed to get the desired gauge
Gauge - About 16 dc sts go into 4 inches (10 cm)
Cardigan Size - S/M
Complexity - Beginner friendly stitch

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Crochet women’s cardigan jacket – double crochet stitch
Step-by-step crochet instructions
Start crocheting the cardigan from the top to bottom.
Step 1
(use crochet hook US F 3.75 mm )
Make a foundation chain of 99 chs (breakdown of the number of chs: 28 chs for each shoulder piece, 34 chs for the back part, and 9 additional chs). I count all the loops, including the loop on the hook.
Step 2
1st row (right side) – h3ch*, dc1, inc1, dc28, inc1, dc34, inc1, dc28, inc1, dc1 + RC2
*h3ch – insert a hook into the 3rd ch from the hook
2nd row (wrong side) – h3ch, inc1, dc1, inc1 into inc of prev.row, dc30, inc1 into inc of prev.row, dc36, inc1 into inc of prev.row, dc30, inc1 into inc of prev.row, dc1, inc1 + RC2
Step 3
(use crochet hook G/6 4.25mm)
3rd row – h3ch, inc1, [dc to inc of prev.row, dc1 above first dc of inc, inc1 into inc of prev.row, dc1 above second dc of inc] x 4, dc to last 1ch; inc1 + RC2
4 – 17 rows = 3rd row
Double crochet rows increasing chains until your front and back parts become wide enough to your chest circumference accordingly.
For a Size L, work 18 rows or more before joining the front and back parts together.
For a Size XL, work 19 rows or more increasing chs.
The exact number of rows will depend on your gauge and preferences how it should fit.
Step 4
Join front and back parts together
18th row – h3ch, [dc to inc of prev.row, dc1 above 1st dc of inc, CL1*, dc1 above 2nd dc of inc] x 2, dc to end + RC2
*CL1 – insert a hook between two dcs of the prev.row increase, grab the yarn, and pull it through. You should have 3 loops on your crochet hook. Yo and draw the yarn through the first two loops on the hook. You have 2 remaining loops on your hook. Skip all chs to your following inc of the prev.row, insert the hook between 2 dcs of the inc, grab the yarn, and pull it though, resulting in 4 loops on your hook. Yo, draw the yarn through the 1st two loops on the hook, yo, and pull the yarn through the remaining 3 loops on your hook.
Step 5
Work dc rows without increasing chains
19th row – h3ch, dc to end + RC2
20 – 28 rows = 19th row
Step 6
(use crochet hook H/8.5mm)
29th row – h4ch, dc to last 2 chs; dec1 + RC2
30th row – h4ch, dc to a 1st side (underarm), inc1, dc to a 2nd side (underarm), inc1, dc to last 2 chs; dec1 + RC2
31st and all other rows work as 29th row.
Step 7
1st round – sc to end
2nd round – work cluster pattern to end using a crochet hook F/5 3.75 mm
Cut the yarn and secure it.
Step 8
(use crochet hook G/6 4.25mm)
Attach the yarn
1st round – ch2, dc to end + into 3rd ch
2nd round – ch3, dc to end + into 3rd ch
Alternate 1st and 2nd rounds until you crochet the desired length of sleeves.
Repeat step 7.


ch – chain
dc – double crochet
dec – decrease
h3ch/h4ch – insert a hook into a 3rd or 4th chain from your hook
inc – increase/dc2 into one chain
prev.row – previous row
RC – returning chain
sc – single crochet – slip stitch


Crochet raglan sleeve cardigan - Project introduction.


Crochet a raglan sleeve cardigan - video tutorial - Detailed instructions available for purchase.




This is my first time to try and read instruction to make clothing.

I was curious about the instruction for row 30 +. I am fairly sure I did not interpret instruction correctly and I would appreciate help.

"30th row – h4ch, dc to a 1st side (underarm), inc1, dc to a 2nd side (underarm), inc1, dc to last 2 chs; dec1 + RC2"

I dc in the top post of the stitch then INC in between and dc in the top of the next stitch. Is that correct interpretation or should I have just dc in one stitch then continued dc in next stitch?

Thank you for your tutorials.

Interpretation of row 30+ instruction.

Hi BippyCrochet,

Hi BippyCrochet,
No, you did not interpret the written instruction correctly. I increased one chain on each side (underarm) of the cardigan (30th row). If you need to increase more chains, you may add as many chs as necessary. Happy crochet!


I apologize for new comment .I forgot to ask with previous question.

I also forgot to ask if row 31+ should be h5ch because if through h4ch it does not decrease.

Thank you.

If you follow the written

If you follow the written instruction exactly, it will decrease. I understand that you do not have lots of crochet experience. So, I would advise you to practice the row on a small piece (sample).

You can use credit/debit card

You can use credit/debit card and buy the video. What country do you live in? I will check if the video is available for purchase in your country.


Unfortunately youtube doesn't allow the video to be available in every country. I think that is the problem.