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Knit a poncho


Yarn - Lion Brand Yarns Heartland (color #103 DENALI) / medium 4 / 5 oz (113 g) / 251 yd (230 m) / about 2.5 balls needed
Circular needles - 29” Size 5 (3.75 mm) or other size needles needed for the gauge
Gauge - About 15 knit stitches go into 4 inches
Size - S/M
Complexity - Easy

Images & Captions: 

Poncho knitting pattern - ocean waves stitch
Step-by-step knitting instructions:
Step 1
Cast on loosely 98 stitches or multiples of 12 stitches plus 2 additional stitches.
Step 2
First rectangle
1st row – purl all stitches to end
2nd row – sl.1, k all sts to end
3rd row – sl.1, p to end
4th row = 2nd row
5th row – sl.1, [k6, Kw2L, Kw3L, Kw4L, Kw3L, Kw2L, k1] to last one st., k1
6th row – p to end. Before purling long loop sts, it’s necessary to make them long first. For that, place a long loop st. from the left needle to the right one without knitting it, then slide the loop back on the left needle, and purl the stitch.
7 and 9 rows = 3rd row
8 and 10 rows = 2nd row
11th row – sl.1, [Kw2L, Kw3L, Kw4L, Kw3L, Kw2L, k7] to last one st., k1
12th row = 6th row
13th row = 3rd row
Repeat the pattern starting from the 2nd row until you knit about 9 repeats (one repeat is 12 rows) or more if you want a longer poncho.
Step 3
Cast off loosely 2 repeats (24 stitches) or more if you want the neckline to be wider. The other option is to place the stitches on a safety pin instead of binding them off. That way you do not need to pick them up later on to work the borders/edges.
Step 4
Second rectangle
Continue knitting the pattern regular way, repeating the 12 rows (step2) for about 15 times or as many times as necessary. Cast off loosely all the remaining stitches. You should have an L shape piece of garment or two rectangles like shape.
Step 5
Join 7 repeats of the first rectangle (top shorter side from the initial cast on stitches) with 7 repeats of the second rectangle (top longer side from the cast off stitches side). You may sew or crochet the 2 sides.
Step 6
Pick up stitches (insert a right needle into a base stitch, grab the yarn, and pull it through). Cast off the stitches. Those who know how to crochet may work single crochet for the edges.
Step 7
Button loop
Cast on 2 stitches.
1st row – k2
2nd row – sl.1, p1
3rd row – sl.1, k1
Alternate the 2nd and 3rd rows until you knit about 3 inches long lace.
Attach it to the garment.
Crochet a flower and attach it to the button loop (optional).
Sew a clear button.


k – knit
Kw2L – knit with 2 loops – insert a right needle into a stitch, wrap the needle twice with the yarn in a clockwise direction, and pull it though the base st.
Kw3L – knit with 3 loops – insert a working needle into a stitch, wrap the needle 3 times with the yarn in a CW direction, and pull it though.
Kw4L – knit with 4 loops – insert a right needle into a stitch, wrap the needle 4 times with the yarn in a clockwise direction, and pull it though.
p – purl
sl – slip stitch (place a stitch from the left to the right working needle without knitting it)
st – stitch


How to knit a poncho



Hi Quratulain Malik,

Hi Quratulain Malik,
You may cast on as many sts/repeats as necessary depending on how wide/long you plan the poncho be. I would advise you to practice your gauge before starting the project. If you write me your gauge, I'll give you my suggested number of sts to start with for the first rectangle. Happy knitting!