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Crochet collar button up vest


Yarn - Aunt Lydias crochet thread classic 10 / weight 0 lace / 2495 m (2730 yd) / less than 1 ball needed
Hook - 7 / 1.65 mm or other size hook needed for the gauge
Gauge - About 16 rows and 24 dc in 4 inches (10 cm)
Vest Size - S / M
Complexity - Intermediate

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Women’s lace vest jacket crochet pattern - ear of wheat stitch
Step-by-step crochet instructions
Step 1
Make a foundation chain of 158 chain stitches or any other even number of chains plus 4 additional chs. Do not work it tightly.
Step 2
First half of the vest - back part
1st row – h4ch, dc to end plus RC3
You should work 159 dc, including the initial 3 skipped chs (count the 3 chs as your 1st dc)
2nd row – h4ch, [dc1, ch1, sk1] to last 2 chs; dc2 + RC3
3rd row – h4ch, dc1, [ch1, sk1, dc1 under ch.], dc1 in the very last ch. + RC3
4th row = 1st row
Repeat the 4 rows
Step 3
Armhole point
I repeated the 4 rows 8 times. So, 4 x 8 = 32 rows. The 33rd row = 1st row.
Work the 34th row like 2nd row, but crochet to last 50 chs. Make RC3 and turn. You should have 109 dc, including the 3 initial chs of the row.
35th row = 3rd row
Step 4
Front/shoulder part
36th row – h4ch, dc to end, ch53 (you should have the same number of chains for the front part as for the back one)
37, 40, 41, 44, 45, 48, and 49 = 1st row
38, 42, 46, and 50 = 2nd row
39, 43, 47, and 51 = 3rd row
Step 5
Front part with collar
52nd row - h4ch, dc to end then fold the front part with the back one and continue working dc on the first half of the back part towards the initial foundation chain. You should pick up dc29 on the edge of the 1st half of the back piece plus RC3.
Repeat the 4 rows four more times increasing a couple or more chains from the collar side of the garment as necessary. That way the collar will look nicer once bent.
4 x 8 = 16 rows and 52 rows + 16 rows = 68 rows
69th row = 1st row
Step 6
Second half of the vest
The second half of the vest work like the first one.
70th row (2nd half of the vest) = 1st row
Step 7
Button holes
70th row (1st half of the vest) – h4ch, [dc20, sc1, ch3, sk3, sc1] x 4, dc to end
Join the 1st and 2nd halves of the vest together.
Step 8
Join shoulder pieces together.
For the armhole edges, work sc to end
Step 9
Front borders
Attach the yarn from the bottom of the fabric and work two more rows of dc increasing a few chains from the back of the collar side and working the rows all the way around to other bottom of the 2nd from piece. Work RC3 and continue dc back to the starting point again.
Cut the yarn and secure it.


ch – chain
dc – double crochet
h4ch – insert a hook into the 4th chain from your hook or skip 3 chs
RC – returning chain
sc – single crochet
sk – skip a base chain


Crochet a collared cardigan vest lace jacket - ear of wheat stitch



Hi Sana,

Hi Sana,
About 5 rows becomes 2& quarter inches can you tell me how many rows I have to work for 38" bust size?

Hi Manasa B H,

Hi Manasa B H,
I would work about 21 rows (step 3) for the back part. After the armhole, I'd crochet about 10 rows (row 35 = row 3), and then begin step 5. Happy crochet!

Hi Sana,

Hi Sana,
For the front part I worked 10 rows. Please tell me at which row in the back part I should start the collar part. & please tell me how many dc should be worked for the collar part:)


Hi Manasa B H,

Hi Manasa B H,
I would suggest you to work one dc row down and one dc row up, and then join front and back parts together to begin crocheting longer rows for the collar. I'd also advise you to check your gauge from time to time to make sure that your tension is the same throughout the project. Happy crochet!

I meant to work 1 more double

I meant to work 1 more double crochet row down toward the bottom of the vest and 1 double crochet row up toward the neckline, and then work the long rows (step 5).

Beautiful pattern and work!!

Beautiful pattern and work!! I just started this cardigan but I noticed that my right end of the rows look a little bumpy because of the 2 double crochet stitches at the start of row 2 and 4.

How can I fix this? The other side is perfectly straight.

I would appreciate your help.

Hi Gloria,

Hi Gloria,
When you finish the project and work your edges, it won't be visible. Happy crochet!