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Crochet shrug pattern


Yarn - Lion Brand Yarns Baby Soft (color : Creamsicle) / light 3 / 5 oz (140 g) / 459 yd (420 m) / less than 2.5 balls needed
Hook - G/6 4.25mm or other size hook needed for the gauge
Gauge - 2 repeats go into about 3.8 inches (9.6 cm)
Shrug Size - One size
Complexity - Easy

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Loose fitting top for all sizes – shrug crochet pattern

Row-by-row crochet instructions

Begin crocheting the shrug from the back part.

Back part

Make a foundation chain of 151 chs to work 18 repeat or multiples of 8 chs plus 7 additional chs.
1st row (wrong side) – h2ch, sc5, [ch5, sk3, sc5] to end + RC4
2nd row (right side) – h6ch, trc1, ch1, sk1, trc2, [ch2, sk2, sc1, ch2, sk2, trc2, ch1, sk1, trc2] to end + RC1
3rd row – h2ch, sc5, [ch5, sk5, sc5] to end + RC4
Alternate 2nd and 3rd rows until you crochet 46 rows in total.

Front parts

Make a foundation chain of 63 chs to work 7 repeats or multiples of 8 chs plus 7 additional chs.
1st row = 1st row (back part)
2nd row = 2nd row (back part)
3rd row = 3rd row (back part)
Repeat the pattern starting from the 2nd row until you crochet 46 rows in total.

Join the back and first front part working like your 3rd row. Skip 35 chains from the first front part, and join second front part with the back one.

From each side crochet 2 rows. Attach the yarn to your back part to work the 1st row on the wrong side of the garment.

1st row (wrong side) – sc7, [ch5, skip an interval of about 3chs, sc5] to end; sc2 + RC4
2nd row (right side) – h2ch,, ch4, trc1, ch1, sk1, trc2, [ch2, sk2, sc1, ch2, sk2, trc2, ch1, sk1, trc2] to end – do not work last 2 chains.

Join sides as you joined the back and front parts.


sc to end


[ ] – repeat
ch – chain
h#ch – insert a hook into the # chain from your hook
RC – returning chain
sc – single crochet
sk – skip a chain – slip stitch
trc – triple crochet


All sizes loose-fitting shrug crochet pattern



Hi Lauriestamps,

Hi Lauriestamps,
I'm glad that you liked the shrug pattern. Thanks for the post. I appreciate that. Happy crochet!


help, I know this shrug is one size fit' all, but I am a petite person 5'/103 lbs is any way I can make it lightly smaller to fit better and don't look like children wearing a adult clothing. thanks

Hi cdragon5955,

Hi cdragon5955,
You may try using a smaller size crochet hook. By doing so your row height will be lower too, and the shrug won't be as long as mine.
I would advise you to practice your gauge first. Make a foundation chain of about 23 chs or (8 x 2) + 7. Then estimate how many rows you need to work to get the desired length and width of the shrug. If you write me your gauge, I'll help you with that. Happy crochet!

Hi sana,

Hi sana,
I love your work and specially this shrug i want to make for my this for 4years old daught can you please let me know how to make smaller size to fit my daughter?

Thanks in advance

Hi Reem1,

Hi Reem1,
For the back part I would make a foundation chain of about 111 chs to work 13 repeats. For each front part I'd make a foundation chain of about 47 chs to work 5 repeats. Crochet about 28 rows before joining front and back parts together. Skip 25 chs between front parts. Happy crochet!

I'm from the USA and do not

I'm from the USA and do not understand (?) French on your video so maybe you can help me out. In the pattern for the Loose Shrug your pattern starts out by saying H2ch. Could you please explain this. I've never seen this before and I want badly to make this item. PLEASE A help me understand this. Thank you. Becky

Hi countryluver,

Hi countryluver,
Check the abbreviations to find the explanation. You may also watch the video what I did right at the beginning of the first row. Happy crochet!


I know that: Gauge - 2 repeats go into about 3.8 inches (9.6 cm). But: how big is your back of this shrug in cm (approx)? It will help me a lot... BTW - I like your patterns, they are so friendly to make. And thanks for sharing with us :)

Hi eda_5,

Hi eda_5,
The back part of the shrug without sides is about 36 inches (91 cm) and with sides is about 38 inches (97 cm). Happy crochet!