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Crochet a motif blouse


Yarn - Bernat Cotton-ish (turquoise) / light 3/ 2.4 oz (70 g) / 282 yards (258 m) / about 3.5 balls needed
Hook - D/3 – 3.25 mm or other size hook needed for the gauge
Gauge - One square motif is about 3 x 3 inches (7.62 x 7.62 cm)
Size - S/M
Complexity - Intermediate/Advanced beginner

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Crochet women’s lace top - motif blouse crochet pattern
Step-by-step crochet instructions
Step 1
Crochet square motif
Make a foundation chain of 7 chain stitches and join it into a ring with the slip stitch. Use the working side as your wrong side.
1st round (wrong side) – sc2 on 1ch to end +
Work sc with yarn tails. That way, you won’t have to weave them in later on.
2nd round (wrong side) – ch1, [CL1, ch5] to end + in 3rd ch from
You should have 12 clusters/petals.
3rd round (wrong side) –, (ch2, dc1, ch5, dc2) on, [ch3, sk5, sc1, ch5, sk5, sc1, ch3, sk5, (dc2, ch5, dc2) on] x 3, ch3, sk5, sc1, ch5, sk5, sc1, ch3 + in 3rd ch
Cut the yarn and secure it on a wrong side of the motif.
Step 2
Join motifs seamlessly
Repeat the 1st and 2nd rounds for the second motif. Start the 3rd round as usual working the pattern half of the round or two sides. Then join 3rd side of the second motif to a side of the first motif as you work. Finish remaining 4th side of the square motif working one at the end.
Each time before cutting the yarn, double check for mistakes (if any). Then cut the yarn and secure the yarn tails on the wrong side of the motifs.
As you crochet a larger piece, it will be necessary to join motifs from two or more sides.
How many motifs to work
For the body, you need to crochet 82 square motifs joining them together as working the 3rd rounds:
- for the back part, you need to work 42 motifs and your grid will be 7 x 6.
- for the front part your grid will be like for the back one, but you will not crochet 2 top middle motifs to leave the space for the neck. The total number of square motifs should be 40.
For each sleeve, it is necessary to work 16 motifs (grid - 4 x 4) or as desired.
Step 3
Work edges
1st round (right side) – sc1,[ sk1, sc1, picot1, sk1, sc1] to end +
Cut the yarn and secure it from the wrong side of the garment.


ch – chain
CL – cluster or petal – yarn over, insert a crochet hook into a base chain, grab the yarn, and pull it through. You should have 3 loops on your hook. Grab the yarn again and pull the yarn through the first two loops on that hook. *Yo, insert your hook into the same base chain, grab the yarn, and pull it through. Pull the yarn through the first 2 stitches again.* Repeat the process between ** one more time. You should have 4 loops remaining on the crochet hook. Last time, yo and pull the yarn through the all 4 sts.
dc – double crochet
picot – ch2 and sc1 on the 1st of the 2 initial chains
sc – single crochet
sk – skip a chain – slip stitch


How to crochet a women's square motif lace top



Hi Sana, it's me again :)

Hi Sana, it's me again :)
After finishing three blouses under your instruction, I can't wait to start this new one. My concern this time is that, this time I make this for my mom and her belly is quite big in comparison to the breast. So, please show me how to adjust the number of motifs to make this blouse. (I innocently made the number of motifs for the breast equal to the one at the belly part, and the result was that the belly part was perfect but the breast part was so loose). In addition, I always love your blouses ; so wish you be healthy and happy to create more beautiful ones in near future :)
Happy crocheting !

Hi Diane C.,

Hi Diane C.,
You may try to use a different size crochet hooks to adjust your gauge first. If your number of motifs will be different, it might be hard to join these motifs. I would crochet motifs to the chest circumference accordingly. Then I would work front and back parts without joining them together. In other words, I would not join motifs on both sides of the sweater (underarms). That way I would have space to fill it with a different stitch without the need to adjust gauge. For example, I would work arches (ch5, sk#, sc1) in between the front and back parts joining them together and increasing the number of arches toward the bottom of the sweater. Happy crochet!

Hi Sana,

Hi Sana,
Sorry to post the question irrelevant to this topic, but I don't know how to contact you for further questions relating to crocheting. I love your works, especially how you illustrate the method to the viewers. Since the day I followed you, I've learnt and made 4 garments , which I was never able to do before. :)
I'm falling in love with the crocheting and want to make more clothes, so I look for more style and design but the problem is I don't understand the partial charts which show only part of the clothes. So, can I share them with you (and you may give me some instructions, or make a new one and share with us on youtube) ?
(I send you a design here, and if you think it's inappropriate to be shown here, please feel free to remove it ^_^ )
Aside from that, I know some stitches, but I don't know how to use these stitches to make a top. Can you show me and the other beginners the formula to make the top please?
Thank you for taking time to read my text.
Hope to hear from you soon :)


Hi Diane C.,

Hi Diane C.,
Unfortunately, I cannot copy someone else's work. I plan to crochet more summer tops (my own patterns). Happy crochet!

Hello Interunet (is your real

Hello Interunet (is your real name Sana?) I just finished weaving the last yarn for this blouse (so many to weave in). Hahaha - It's my second time following your tutorial. I made this for my grandmother and I'm modelling it before I hand it to her. Hahaha - The yarn I used is finer and therefore I made more square motifs. It's really easy to gauge the size because it's made from granny squares. Less tendency of mistakes while crocheting but the downside is lots of yarn weaving in to do after that. Overall, I had a great time crocheting this blouse. Thank you so much for your selfless sharing on Youtube. I'm truly thankful for all the tutorials you have posted. Let me know if you think what I have done is pretty (I think it is! XD)


You're welcome, lyliachai.

You're welcome, lyliachai. You did an amazing work. Congratulations! It is obvious that you're a very patient and hardworking person. I also think that what you've done is extremely pretty (like you are). Happy crochet!

Hi Sana,

Hi Sana,
I love this pattern but I am having trouble making it in a 3xl size for a birthday gift. I plan on making it longer by adding extra rows. I don't know how to make the shoulders or the sides and neck. Are you selling a pattern?