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Crochet scarf for beginners


Yarn - Big Twist (color - Burgundy)/ medium 4 / Net Weight - 170 g / 322 yds (295 m) / about 1.5 balls needed
Gauge - About 13 sc go into 4 inches (10 cm.)
Hook - J/10 - 6mm
Scarf Length - 53.5 inches (136 cm)
Complexity - Beginner friendly stitch

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Scarf crochet pattern for beginners
Step-by-step crochet instructions
Step 1
Make a foundation chain of 23 chs or multiples of 2 chs plus 1 additional chain.
Step 2
Nuts pattern
1st row (right side) – h2ch, sc to end + RC1
At the end of the 1st row you should have 21 single crochets.
2nd row (wrong side) – h2ch, sc1, [CL1, sc1] to end + RC1
At the end of the 2nd row you should have 11 single crochets and 10 clusters.
3 and 5 rows = 1st row
4 and 6 rows = 2nd row
Step 3
SC rows
7 – 12 rows = 1st row
Step 4
Nuts pattern
13th row = 1st row
14th row = 2nd row
Alternate the two rows of the pattern until you crochet the desired length of the scarf.
Step 5
Crochet as a mirror reflection, repeat step 3 (sc rows) and step 2 (nuts pattern). Work your very last row as the first sc row.
Cut the yarn and secure it.


ch – chain
CL – cluster – YO, insert the hook into a chain, grab the yarn, and pull it through. You should have 3 loops on your hook. Draw the yarn through the first 2 loops on your hook. *YO, insert the hook into the same base chain again, grab the yarn, and pull it through, then draw the yarn through the first 2 loops on your hook. Repeat from * two more times. Lastly, YO and pull the yarn through all 5 loops on your hook.
h2ch – insert a hook into a second chain from your hook
RC – returning chain
sc – single crochet
YO – yarn over – wrap the yarn around your hook to create a new loop


Scarf crochet tutorial for beginners – scarf to match with my crochet hat


Scarf to match with my crochet hat.



Hi Gail2b,

Hi Gail2b,
I'm glad that you liked the instructions, and I like the items you've made. Your work is very beautiful and accurate. Congratulations!