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How to knit booties for babies


Yarn - RED HEART Super Saver (worsted 4)
Needles - Double pointed US 3 (3.25 mm) 7 in (17.78 cm)
Booties Size - 18 months or US 5 - 6
Complexity - Easy

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Kids booties knitting pattern
Step-by-step knitting instructions
Step 1
Cast on 8 stitches on two double pointed knitting needles. That way your first loops will be bigger, and it will be easier to knit your 1st row.
Step 2
Knit the first row hiding the other end of the yarn. In other words, knit tail and ball end of the yarn together.
Step 3
Purl the wrong side of the second row adding two stitches on both ends to begin increasing a number of stitches. Note; slip each fist stitch on the right needle without knitting it. That way it will be easier to pick up stitches later on.
Step 4
Continue increasing, knit the right side of the third row adding two stitches on both sides of the needle as you did in Step 3.
Step 5
Knit right sides and purl the wrong ones of the 12 stitches for 32 rows till you have 36 rows in total or until you reach the desired length of a bootie.
Step 6
Reduce the number of stitches. Knit two stitches together (k2tog) on both ends of the needle until you have 4 stitches left. This will be the front of the bootie.
Step 7
Pick up additional 48 stitches, so you should have 52 stitches in total or adjust it to your shoe size. Hint, it is usually better to pick up less stitches than more because of the yarn stretchiness.
Step 8
Redistribute the stitches on the needles that you have 8 stitches on the front needle instead of 4. Knit the first round.
Step 9
Begin to reduce the number of stitches from the second round on the front of the bootie only. K2tog stitches from both ends of the 4 initially remaining stitches. Knit all other stitches. Keep reducing stitches on the front for 12 rounds or until 28 stitches left.
Step 10
Make ribbing – knit 2, purl 2 for 8 rounds.
Step 11
Cast off all the remaining stitches.
Step 12
Cut the yarn, secure and hide it.


Knit booties for a baby


Hi Adunni onileke,

Hi Adunni onileke,
It might look complicated, but if you know how to work knit and purl stitches, then you can do it. If you have any question, I'll be glad to help you out with the pattern. Happy knitting!