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Where to buy a cheap car - find good deals on vehicles


Buying a car might be not as simple as it might seem like. While driving through any town not mentioning big cities in US it is very typical to observe dozens of dealerships offering variety of cars for sale makes anyone believe that purchasing a car is one of the last things to worry about. And it is partially true if the price of a car is a last thing you worry about, but if the budget is low it might be not easy to find a quality vehicle for the price you are able to pay.
With no big calculations and research it is obvious used car will be cheaper compare to the same or similar types of a new vehicle. But for a single driver with no particular demands it is worth to consider getting cheapest new car from a local dealer. It is definitely won’t be a top of a line, but rather trouble free economy vehicle for everyday use.

Compare prices online

Good thing eBay motors and cars for sale on Craigslist have an option to define parameters of search for sale by dealer or private seller while looking a vehicle. Even though both of these sites simply overloaded with car dealers inventory it will give you a good idea what particular car is worth. Kelley Blue Book will tell what you should expect to pay for certain car make and model, but all this is for a general idea. Most of the websites will point to the same dealers’ inventory in your area.


Shop local

Look for private sellers in your area and the best place to check posts on Craigslist cars for sale in your area. While scams are thriving everywhere there are many people using free internet resources for selling stuff including cars online. The main advantage of Craigslist you find the local seller, go look at the car and ones you like it negotiate the price. Many private car sellers willing to sell the car cheaper and you can get much better deal comparing to buying a car from a local dealer. It is definitely more risky because if the manufacturer or extended warranty on car expires buyer will pay for all repairs out of his pocket even if car brake two days after purchase.

Public auctions

While many people might still think it is the best place to get a cheap car, and it is still true, you have to be aware there are a lot of junk cars with very questionable quality and often just a waste of money to buy. Not far ago any driver who experiences shortage in budget for a vehicle easily go to the action and will get a car good for some time. But now if you are not a mechanic or do not know one who can go with you it is better to avoid such places.

Government auctions

Usually cars used by police or other government agencies after certain period of time are sold to the public because of its age and decrease in reliability. Typically there is no catch with such cars. They are usually were regularly maintained and actual mileage will indicate the cost of such vehicle.
Before go to the car action always check what price should be paid for particular vehicle with a certain mileage and never bid if you know the car is nearly reach its reasonable price.

Shop eBay motors

eBay is very popular online auction and many potential auto buyers might fall into delusion how easy and simple it is to choose and buy a car online. But always remember, it is better not only to see the car, but inspect it before purchase. Making a judgment based on pictures and seller description is similar to playing a lottery. There are many cases when buyer got a vehicle in much poor condition and much lower quality as it was promised. While eBay trying to protect customers offering additional protective plans it is very hard or nearly impossible to get the money back.

Copart auto auction

Copart is famous salvage cars auction. And while many people might think it is not the best choice to buy a vehicle on Copart there are still many cars for sale with clean titles and no collisions in the vehicle history report. Usually it is the best place to shop for those who like to fix the cars. Regular drivers are at a very high risk to buy a junk which is better to sale for parts, but not to fix. Vehicle after an accident will be much cheaper, but the damage has to be minimal. Even after fixing a car after collision, many states will require you to pass an inspection whether vehicle is safe for driving.

Check local car dealer’s inventory

Local car dealer also might have real sales to get rid of many long selling vehicles. But instead of listening salesperson about how great is a deal on a particular car make and model you have to know what reasonable amount to spend on a certain vehicle is. And do not forget about other fees dealer might charge for car title and registration not to mention sale taxes.

What is a best place to buy a cheap car

The most important factor is to know what the car is worth and what to look for when buying a car in order not to get a junk. Getting a car from a local private seller after inspecting the vehicle and car history report is a smartest decision and you might get a good deal. Online actions and car prices comparison websites are a great place to get an idea what to pay for particular vehicle. Buying a car with a warranty from reputable dealer might be the best option for those who have none or very little mechanical knowledge. Always remember scams are thriving and getting a cheap car online without seeing and inspecting it increasing the chances of losing money significantly. And most important unrealistically cheap vehicle might be clear indication of low quality and it is better to avoid such purchases, unless the car will be inspected by the professional, and the car history report will be checked.


Craigslist cars & trucks for

Craigslist cars & trucks for sale by owner. You can’t buy there as they do not sell cars, but you can find a local seller and go look at the car before paying – real simple. Wouldn’t buy online – like to see and test drive it. Do not have much of options if looking for a new vehicle but a new cars dealer. Always check prices at few dealerships.