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What to take in the hospital when you are having a baby

Most of the U.S.  hospitals provide for mothers and their newborns almost everything what they might need. However, if you don’t want to accept their things and like yours better for any reason then it is recommended to take to the hospital following items:

 - for mother

1. Your ID, health insurance card and birth plan (if you have one).
2. Toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant (for husband too, if he plans on staying with you at all time), and shampoo, soap and towel (in case you might want to shower there).
3. 2- 3 pairs of socks (some hospitals give you a pair but you may want your own comfy warm ones).
4. Underwear (2-4, in case you soil them and need to change more than once a day). Again, some hospitals will give you stretchy underwear, but you may want your own. Make sure it's comfy, big enough to accommodate 2 large maxi pads and something you wouldn't miss if you got it bloody.
5. A bag of maxi pads with wings (nighttime). You will bleed heavily after delivery. Some hospitals give you their own pads but they are usually without wings.
6. Slippers
7. Loose pajamas with easy access to breasts or warm bathrobe (or both, there might be cold).
8. Nursing bra (if you plan to breast feed your child).
9. Nursing pads or just folded washcloths, whatever you have (you might need them if your milk comes in, you can put them inside the bra to absorb the leek).
10. Hair pin, hairbrush, hair scrunches.
11. Sweater that zips up on the front.
12. Clothes to go home in (you'll still look 3-5 months pregnant).
13. Cellphone, pen, notepad (in case nurses or doctors give you instructions and you want to write them down).
14. Snacks. You might be hungry after delivery because they won’t allow you to eat for many hours before the active labor. You can bring some buns, kefir, apples, tangerines, home cooked meal in container, or anything you like to have there. Normally the hospital will keep your food in their fridge for you. You need just ask for it.
15. Camera (nurses will take pictures of you and your little one).
16. Cash (hospital will not provide food for your husband or any person who plan to stay with you).
17. Glasses (if you wear them).
18. Prenatal vitamins (they will ask you to take your vitamins after the labor if you plan to breast feed your baby).

 - for the baby

1. Receiving blankets. Some hospitals give you their own but in case they won't, have 3-5 blankets, in case some will get wet.
2. Newborn diapers (some hospitals might give you those too but have a pack ready in case they won't).
3. Onesies (3-4 short sleeves).
4. Outfit to go home in (has to accommodate infant car seat belt between legs, so something with pants). And maybe a warm blanket to throw over once outside.
5. Car seat (they won't let you go home without one).
6. Bib.
7. Butt wipes or washcloths.
8. Hat.
9. Mittens and socks (baby might scratch himself with long nails).
10. Baby towel.

Medical Disclaimer

The author is not a doctor and the information in the article is general in nature with no medical advises given or imply. Talk to your doctor, nurse or medical advisor how to treat health related problems.